The runaway

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a terrific Tuesday. AND it also happens to be the first day of March – AND it’s Paczki Day!!!! That’s pronounced poonch-key, in case you don’t know. Yup – it’s donut day and it’s also called Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras. It’s the last big hurrah before Lent. During Lent, some humans give up some thing – as a way of “fasting” and doing penance. It’s also a time to do good acts. Kind of sort of another chance to renew those New Year resolutions.

The Warden bought some paczki at the grocery store. They came in a box of four, so if my math skills are correct, that’s one for each of us. She said no- but surely she’s joking.

I’m giving up Brussels sprouts for Lent. And sleeping in late. And running away…cough, cough. OK, OK. So I never get Brussels sprouts and I never sleep in late. So I guess those won’t be too difficult. And as for running away…well I don’t USUALLY take off. Except yesterday…

So the Warden was getting ready to run some errands. As she always does, she lets me and the Boss out the front door for a pee. She keeps the French door to the hallway closed so the Coyote won’t run out. While we go out to pee, she gets some treats for all of us in the garage. The Boss and I run back in to get our treats.

Well that was the plan yesterday. Except one big mistake. The door to the hallway wasn’t closed completely. So when the Boss and I pushed the front door open to come back in the house, the Coyote saw this as the PERFECT opportunity to take off out the front door. As the Warden came in from the garage, she saw the Boss who was waiting for his treats, and she saw the open doors. She glanced out the front door in time to see the Coyote racing up the driveway toward the road with yours truly in hot pursuit.

The Warden knew there was no point in shouting or chasing after us. I mean the Coyote never comes when called and although MY recall is pretty good, I felt it was my duty to catch him. The Warden grabbed her keys, jumped in the car, and went after us. As she approached the road she scanned around. No sign of us. She slowly drove up the road – looking for any sign of us. She looked down every neighbors’ driveway. No sign of us. She drove all the way to where our road meets the main road. No escapees. She slowly drove back home.

In her rush to drive out of the garage, the overhead door refused to close so she drove off and left it open. She slowly drove back down our driveway- and spotted me in the garage. Trying to get into the food bin. Of course I was. She rustled me into the house, but there was no sign of the Coyote. So she headed back to go out searching in the car again. Just as she got to the car, who comes prancing down the driveway but the runaway himself. The Warden did that fake happy voice that she uses when she doesn’t want to scare him off. She clapped her hands and looked all excited to see him, although she was a combo of perturbed and worried that any sudden move would cause him to take off again. But he didn’t. He was panting and smiling and he came right over to her. She lassoed him quickly and took him back to the house. That’s one of those moments when humans are relieved but ready to kill us at the same time.

All the while we were gone, the Boss just stood and barked. He was still waiting for his treats.

So that was our latest blood pressure raiser. But honestly, we haven’t done that in a LONG time. And it was really the Warden’s fault. She DID leave that hall door open…

The Warden wondered just where the Coyote went. I mean he wasn’t on the road. He didn’t appear to be in any driveways. He could have been in the woods – but he didn’t come from that direction. Well – the problem was solved. Check out what a neighbor caught on their security camera…Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. But it was long enough for the neighbor to get a notification….

He looks pretty happy. Those neighbors (who thankfully are very nice and don’t worry about canine trespassers) have cats – and I think the Coyote is fascinated with them. He always seems to head to their place first.

Anyway, all’s well that ended well. He was just having his own version of Mardi Gras. A day early. Par-teee. Par-teee.

OK. Almost time for walks – and then we get to stare at the Warden while she eats her paczki. I wonder if drooling will help…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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