Trials and tribulations

Happy weekend blogaroos. Squirmy here today on what I’m calling our weekend of trials and tribulations. Yup, the Boss and I are hitting the rally trials this weekend, with him entered in Masters and yours truly in Novice. I need that one more pass, or as they call it – one more leg to get my Rally Novice title or RN. I’m entered in two trials so I have two chances to become a nurse. Get it? I’m so funny.

The Boss still needs all three legs. Actually, he doesn’t NEED them. He just has fun working with the Warden so they aren’t too worried about how he’ll do. The Warden trusts him to do what he’s supposed to do. She doesn’t, though, trust herself not to get all mixed up and go spinning left instead of right. THAT’S the tribulation part. We canines know what to do. It’s our handler who needs the training!

We got a big dumping of snow on Thursday. The light fluffy stuff. I thought it was a blast to play “snow plow” as I raced about. And I did something that made the Warden shout at me – I raced outside with a Kong. And then you KNOW what I did – I dropped it in the snow. When I came back to the door, Kongless, the Warden sent me back out to find it. You should have seen me racing around and trying to sniff that thing out, under a foot of white stuff. But I FOUND IT! There was much rejoicing and a celebratory biscuit.

Well I had better go and get ready, and read the rule book one more time. Somebody needs to understand the signs- we can’t rely 100% on our handler…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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