My Tuesday

Mid-week greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here today for your reading pleasure. And I must say, the word pleasure did not come to mind yesterday morning for yours truly.

You see, after a blustery, snowy weekend, our weather turned to rain and wind. And we awoke yesterday morning to find that our driveway had become a luge run. I jest not. The slope up to the road was covered in what appeared to be a combination of puddles and inch thick ice. Meanwhile, the lawn became a patchy minefield of puddles, ice and soggy slush. Just recalling the carnage makes me shiver.

Her Highness took one look out the front window at the driveway, and she nobly announced “No walks this morning. Everyone out into the yard.”

While the other two clowns eagerly jumped in puddles and slid on ice, I stood in sheer terror. Where was one to walk? It was an icy, slushy quagmire – and each step signaled cold wet feet.

Her Highness literally needed to push me out the door – I was so frozen in horror. I tiptoed around searching futilely for dry ground – to no avail. When Her Highness announced “Quick quick quick” which is the signal to provide “a deposit,” I quickly complied, while struggling to remain still on the icy perch I had chosen. I believe said deposit slid down the lawn. Meanwhile, Her Highness instructed the Imp to follow suit, which after some running and sliding, he performed. She doesn’t ask the Coyote as he never listens of off leash. If he is on leash, on a walk, he complies with the deposit request. But just like his off leash recall, if he is free, there is no point in asking. Anything. He beats to his own drum, that boy. And the drum can be in a symphony or a rock band. One never knows. And he alone hears it.

I must confess, while I certainly enjoy cool temperatures, and rolling and making snow dangels is my favorite winter sport, I could not WAIT to step inside our humble abode yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, Her Highness went out front to salt the luge run. The temperature was above freezing and the sun came out. It appeared our Olympic training attraction would disappear.

After breakfast, Her Highness announced that she was going out to the store. She had distributed enough salt to maneuver Ludwig up to the road, and she envisioned that when she returned, our luge run would be no more. Unfortunately… would the Coyote say it…wrongo?

When she returned home she found that, just as they had said in science class 100 years ago, ice will melt salt. And yes, our inch thick ice had a lovely array of thousands of little holes. However, the foundation was still quite sound. Which meant, Her Highness needed a metal device and a metal shovel to break up the ice, and move it aside.

I felt it was my duty while she was out there for almost 2 hours chopping and pulverizing away, to shout out instructions. Continually. I’m certain she appreciated my assistance.

So that is the saga of our slippery, soggy Tuesday. It almost makes one look forward to the balmy tick weather. Somewhere in between is my personal preference.

I wish you a wonderful Wednesday.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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