Snow and no Wi-Fi and attire

Howdy blogaroos! Sad Squirmy here today. And why am I sad? I have no toys to play with and no bones to chew on. None. OK maybe one or two. But ALL my favorites are gone. Well. OK not totally gone. They’re all buried under snow in the backyard.

I know. I know. I was warned that this could happen. But I didn’t want to believe it. Mind you – today it’s supposed to rain, so if it melts the snow, this is my chance to get my toys back.

As you know, I have this obsessive behavior where I MUST have something in my mouth when I race outside. I mean I run around frantically looking to take something out. The Warden stops me from racing out with Kongs because she doesn’t want to go searching in the dark with a headlamp to find them when it’s refill day. So she watches like a hawk that I don’t take them out. Occasionally I’ll hold them in such a way, with my head tucked down, that I can get past her with them. Then, as she realizes that I’m out with one, she shouts at me to bring it back. I did that yesterday morning- out in the snow in sub-freezing temperatures. She ESPECIALLY didn’t want me to drop it in the snow because she knew she’d never find it. When I did come back in, I left it on the deck, so I could grab it the next time I went out. Yup. We canines are pretty smart.

So Saturday we awoke to no power. The only one concerned was the Warden. Cool house? Who cares. Not us canines. Luckily the power came back around 10:30 in the morning. The Warden was overjoyed. Another example of how humans shouldn’t take for granted the “ordinary” things in their lives. A good lesson for sure.

Meanwhile, while we did get power, we never got Wi-Fi OR cable TV. None. All day Saturday and all day Sunday. In fact, it’s still not on. Now THAT is a tragedy. No petflix to watch. So do you know what that meant? We got to go out in the snow – and we took some Where’s Wojtek photos. The Warden brought along some super smelly yummy cheese – so I was THE best model. Ever. We can’t do these modeling gigs with anybody else – because the other guys try to get in the shots. It’s hard enough for me to hide – so I’m not taking anyone with me.

The Warden said we have a project this year. We are going to take a BUNCH of Where’s Wojtek photos. And do something with them. We’ll keep you posted as to what, later in the year!

Today, after a cold, snowy weekend, we are supposed to have lots of rain. Hopefully this won’t be the formation of the luge run driveway. But not to worry! The Warden just got some super ugly massive boots to wear for icy conditions. Not that I’m a fashion critic- but they are kinda weird looking. You put them on OVER your shoes or boots – just like she did when she was a little kid in the 17th century. BUT – these have a special feature. Bolts. On the soles. So they provide traction on ice. Really. Part of the winter dog walker attire. Winter dog walker attire includes numerous components. Of course there must be a big, heavy warm hat. That’s critical. And the more it covers your face the better – so no one can recognize you when you walk down the street. The fact that they recognize your barking, pulling canine is irrelevant. You can always SAY it wasn’t you.

You need a warm coat – with deep pockets for treats and poop bags AND warm mittens. With a string. Yup. A string between your mitts is critical, because when you take them off to pick up our poo, you don’t drop your mitts!!! You don’t have to juggle mitts and leashes – because they just hang down. They are essential to the attire.

Snow pants are optional – unless you plan to roll in the snow with your dog. But you must wear pants of SOME kind. Frostbitten thighs would be – ewwwww.

Lastly, boots must be warm AND have traction for icy conditions. Hence the NEW moon boots that the Warden got. She is very excited about them. I think part of her excitement is due to the fact that with her crazy internet sleuthing skills, she got them at 1/4 the price they usually sell for. She could get a job as an internet bargain hunter. Call her if you need a deal. Wait – I take that back. The Boss said it sounds weird.

Anyway, the Warden has ALL the proper dog walking attire. She’s ready.

Speaking of which – it’s about that time!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Snow and no Wi-Fi and attire

  1. What kind of smelly cheese does your warden give you. Wondering if one of your relatives in Massachusetts would like the same


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