Mr. Potato Head

Hey hey hey everybody! Squirmy here on another snowy Saturday. It’s like Mother Nature decided to go on rewind. Just like last weekend, we had a rainy Friday and it snowed overnight. Admittedly, last week we had rain AND snow on Friday – so my class was canceled. But yesterday we had rain and got to class before the snow began last night. And not only did it snow at night, but we had and are still having crazy high winds. Unfortunately, we just woke up to no power….

Good thing we had class yesterday – we needed to get “back in the groove.” We had a LONG time since our last class – so we needed a boost to get us back on track.

I have to say, the Warden was very happy with my work in class. Actually, shocked is probably a better word. I’m far from perfect, but STARTING to slowly get the hang of this obedience stuff. In class anyway.

Meanwhile, the dog who is THE obedience dog in our household, was up to some non-obedient behavior while we went to class. And he was caught in the act by big brother….

It seems the Boss was resorting to some primal, “genetic” PON cravings. Back in the day, PONs – who were working farm dogs in Poland , were usually fed a diet of “bread, potatoes, small amounts of cottage cheese, milk and an occasional egg.” ( Our reference is The Official Book of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog by Brown, Burkowski and Supronowicz. In case you wanted to know). Anyway, while we went to class, The Boss pulled a bag of potatoes off the counter and attempted to eat them. Raw. They had been there for probably two weeks – and had started to have baby potato eyes. A few of them were just this side of ending up in the compost bin. Clearly the Boss didn’t find them all that delicious- as the crime scene included one partly eaten potato, another which was in the middle of the kitchen floor, and the rest were still in the bag. The picky Picard obviously had no interest in participating in the buffet. When we came in, the Warden looked at the Boss and said, “What did you do?” He barked at her replying “I tried to eat crappy potatoes, but they tasted awful.” She just stared at him. And he continued to bark on with “you didn’t give us a big enough treat when you left!” She just cleaned up the mashed potato bag on the floor.

Hey. Did you know that on this day in 1919, a giant storage tank of molasses broke in Boston, causing the “Great Molasses Flood?” Sadly, 21 people died and 150 people were injured. Several horses were killed and there were dogs who were injured. I never knew this story. It’s kinda sad. And bizarre. But I thought you would want to know, I’m case it’s on Jeopardy. And to lighten this tale, here’s a recipe for dog biscuits with molasses.

Might as well find some bright spot. The Boss said these sound better than raw potatoes…

Time to face the snow!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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