Happy Winter!

Howdy blogaroos! It’s the Squirm man here to wish you a happy first day of Winter!!! Yup. It’s officially here. And we even have some snow! Although the fore-guess is calling for RAIN tomorrow. Yuppers. Lots of rain. So we’ll get to see if the latest pond that the Coyote and I started before this last snowfall, will hold water. The Warden wondered why I was so muddy one day- and she found the newest excavation site. It’s next to a large tree. Hope it doesn’t topple over…

So guess what?! Now the days will be getting longer! Yee haw! Right now we get up at daybreak and holy moly, after supper it’s dark out, so we feel like going to bed. Well at least everybody else in this house does. Not me. The Coyote thinks food is overrated and I think sleep is overrated. Hey remember those two nights of freedom that I had a couple of months ago – where I didn’t have to sleep in my crate at night? Well that parole didn’t last long and I’ve been in prison ever since. Yeah. Jumping on and off the bed, chewing sheets and trying to stand on the Warden’s chest wasn’t such a great idea. The Warden said she’ll let me free again. When I turn 10.

So the Warden finished a little project the other day. Her annual dog calendar. She’s been doing one every year for like a million years and a couple of years ago she started putting it on-line. She gets like fifty cents for every one that sells. I think she made $2.00 last year. And that’s because she bought two herself. Now this year she wasn’t going to do one. She thought NEXT year we would do a Where’s Wojtek calendar. She didn’t have enough of those photos to do one this year. Anyway, she wasn’t going to do our regular calendar, but a very nice long-time reader contacted her about it – so she did one after all. Thanks Jim. I only got 5 walks instead of 6 the other day because she was working on it. It can be found at:


After The Warden made it, she went to order one for us. Holy moly – the shipping fees the printing place charges are CRAZY. Really crazy. I mean they could send us guys ourselves to your home for the prices they are charging. She went with the USPS rate, which means we should have our calendar by April. And she’s supposed to be the smart one in this household?! Next year we’ll look at more affordable options – AND we’ll have it done before December. Jim, can you please remind her in like July? Thanks!

I still don’t have my Christmas list done. I’m running out of time. And paper. I’ll just send an email. Or a text. Anybody got Santa’s contact info? Will he have to wear a mask on his long ride? I’m sure he has his booster by now. Holy heck – he could be the ultimate super spreader.

OK. Time to enjoy the snow before it melts! Happy Winter!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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