Not much new

Howdy doody blogaroos! Squirmy here on a snowy Sunday! Yup – another day of snowballs in the house. We bring them in – and we do a GREAT job.

We had snow a week or so ago – so the Warden decided to get us out to take a Christmas photo. It’s a good thing she did – because the next day it rained and all the snow melted! As always, the photo shoot was chaos. The Coyote either refuses to look at the camera, or if he looks, he has his ears all weird. After 4lb of cheese, the repetition of the word “stay” about 694 times AND a bunch of weird noises which I think the Warden learned in some on-line course for weird dog photo noises, she did manage to get a good shot. You’ll have to wait to see the result, but here’s a couple of shots of me running off with the Coyote’s scarf. I nearly strangled him getting it off.

The Warden is supposed to go to a friend’s place for a visit today, but if the snow keeps up, she’ll have to cancel. I’m secretly hoping the snow keeps coming so she stays home. Mind you, she did say something about indoor Christmas photos. She better cook up some steaks.

Not much new here. Shredding wrapping paper, barking at delivery guys, sticking our noses in every shopping bag that comes it the door – yup the typical Christmas preparation stuff. I went to class on Friday , but unlike the last day of school, there was no party. Mind you, if some fake dude dressed like Santa had shown up, chances are pretty good he might have lost some of the fur on his suit. Hey – that would have been a great distraction during our sit-stay practice!

I am told I better get my list in to Santa pretty quickly – time is running out. The Warden gave me some suggestions about what to request. I find that a bit odd. Do you think she and the guy in red work together?

OK. Time to get out in the white stuff. Chances are good that the Boss will attempt snow angels. IF it’s not too wet….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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