A word from the wise

Salutations blog readers. Frodo here on Friday, the 17th of December. Exactly one week to Christmas Eve.

The Imp is rather excited. He’s assuming that the distinguished bearded gentleman in the ruby attire will be bringing him some wondrous gifts. Apparently he has some delusion that his behavior this year was better than last. I beg to differ. His ricochet tactics have not decreased significantly, and frankly, I do tire of him pawing my face. I do allow him to lick my face and hair, because it’s better than a paw in the face. The FG will occasionally play with him, but even he has his limits. I still have much to teach that boy. I must confess, I’m glad to see he is following in my rally footsteps, but he still has a way to go. A long way. Still – I do like the lad.

Today I’d like to share some research with you – primarily because it occurred at Her Highness’s old work site – Dalhousie University. And it has to do with us canines – and our receptive vocabulary.


Her Highness didn’t participate in the study, but she would have been most happy to list our vocabulary terms. Things like treats and biscuits and hungry and time-to-eat. Interesting how so many revolve around food…

Of course we know the typical “training terms” like sit, down or flat, stand, stay, over, come, here, spin, twist…etc. etc. We know them. Whether we choose to DO them is an entirely different question. Perhaps that’s why she didn’t participate in the study…

Admittedly, we PONs respond to quite a few terms. The FG? Far fewer. Mind you- it probably relates back to the food aspect. We PONs will respond to things on the chance that we will be rewarded with some delectable morsel. The Picard continues to believe that food is a necessary evil. Try as I might, I will NEVER understand that.

Which brings us back to Christmas. My list would include anything edible. Including frozen blueberries and a slice of bread. The FG would prefer a subscription to the Nature channel on TV. I imagine a documentary about loons or sea gulls would make that boy quite happy.

Today the Imp has another class. Which means the FG and I will have total peace and quiet. You have NO idea how much we do enjoy his lessons. Because he is gone.

I hope as you enter the last weekend before Christmas, that you take some time to actually relax and savor the season. Yes – gifts are nice – but simply showing someone you care – by a phone call, or text can be equally meaningful. Take time to smile and give good wishes to strangers – even if they can’t see your smile behind your mask. Words carry power and a kind word goes a long way… Even we canines know that….

Happy countdown week.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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