Picard observations

Yo. Blog people. Elroy here. The mops are busy doing something- either being brushed or learning some new rally moves, so finally I get to say a few words.

Now what should I talk about? Oh yeah. It was pretty pleasant having the whole house to myself the other day while they went to read some signs and walk around a room. Not my thing. They get all shaky and excited about stuff like that. Not me. I’d rather lounge around the house, listen for any unusual bird sounds, and just watch the trees “blowin’ in the wind”. Because you know, that’s where the answer is my friend. But I’m not sure the question.

Yeah, those mops are something else. Sometimes I think they need to take a chill pill and be more like me. Like when we play that “find the bunny” game. Personally, I play along for a bit to look like I’m interested, but I’d much rather stand by the lake and watch the waves wash ashore. I mean the first time I’m told to find that stinky stuffed animal, I DO look for it. On the counters, the dining room table, on top of the fridge…Yeah – they’re never hidden there – but ya never know. The mops frantically search everywhere like they’re looking for the last morsel of food they’ll be eating for 24 hours. Yours truly has a much more methodical approach. And then when I find the stinky beast, first I stare at it. And then it is flipped in the air – to be sure it’s dead. Mind you – it’s stuffed. The next time the thing is hidden, it’s 50-50 whether I’ll find it. Not that I don’t KNOW where it is – I just think it’s a pointless game. Ya know where ya put it, but then ya act like ya don’t. And then I get treats when I do find it. And let’s face it, treats are overrated.

Yeah, I’m the kinda guy who likes to throw Her Highness into a different kind of frenzy than the mops. I like the slow frenzy approach. Like the other day, we went for our walk in the woods, with me on a long line, and I got myself tangled around a tree. Her Highness kept saying “go around” and indicating that I should reverse my direction to untangle myself. I just stood and stared at her. She must have said “go around” at least 86 times. I just stood there. She started to grumble and headed into the woods to untangle me, at which point I promptly untangled myself. Just tryin’ to help her get in her daily steps.

Sometimes, I must confess that Her Highness CAN be pretty smart. I mean not smarter than me – but pretty smart. We actually like to play battle of the brains. Here’s another example. So, I’m a Picard, and it’s in my nature to be inconsistent. And picky. At least that’s what I say. Like some days, I eat all my meals. Then other days, I say “meh – no breakfast for me.” So the goal is to get Her Highness to top up my food with tasty things, like dried liver bits, or Parmesan cheese. And for the LONGEST time, she fell for my ploy. She would either top up my breakfast, or just pick up my bowl and feed me more at supper. She has to pick up my bowl or the mops would eat EVERYTHING. But then, one day I said “no thanks” to breakfast, and she just picked up my bowl. So then at supper, she put down my bowl and it contained like 3 kibbles. Seriously. What the HECK? She didn’t say a WORD. I was STARVING. By the next morning, I decided breakfast WAS a good thing. I ate the entire bowl which was extra full. And I’ve been eating breakfast every morning since then. So I guess she kind of won this battle. But that’s for now. And don’t worry- I didn’t REALLY starve that day. I DID get treats and stuff. Her Highness just wanted to see what would happen – and IF she could get me to eat breakfast, without begging and running back and forth to try different tasty toppers. She must have read the idea somewhere. Anyway, it worked. Like I said – for now…Yawn.

Well, time to do some yoga and get ready to play dodge the shark. That Imp is still a menace, but all I have to do is look at him sideways, and he DOES respect me. After he flies over me. Good thing I have such a laid back nature – or this zoo would be even crazier than it is already!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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