Howdy blogaroos! It’s December the 23rd. The last FULL shopping day for Santa. And I’m thinking this is IT for sending my letter via email or text to the guy in red. The problem is – I’ve been busy! I’ve had some classes this week, I’ve been on walks, I played in the snow (before it rained), I’ve been on delivery guy patrol – AND I’ve had to sit for several photo shoots. Yesterday the Warden said she is DONE with Christmas photos. You’ll see her favorite on Christmas Day- the snow shot we took a few weeks ago. And REALLY – she SHOULD have been satisfied with that. But no. It’s not Christmas until antlers or a Santa hat comes out. This year she decided to skip the antlers. But don’t be sad. She stuffed these little Santa hats with paper – and made us wear them. The Boss said they resemble dunce caps – but he doesn’t care – because these photo shoots involve treats.

Here he is on his own…

Then we add me…

Personally, I think I look like I just ate something that had a bad aftertaste. And that’s the best of 68 taken.

But then we add the Coyote. He was ALL excited to come into the “photo studio” aka garage while we were taking our photos. He was whining and crying to come in. And then, once the Warden wrestles (literally) to get all of us in place, the Coyote wants no part of it. I’m almost afraid to post these photos for fear someone will report us to animal control because he looks SO depressed. Check him out:

This is when he first sat down and realized that attire was required. He’s giving the Warden the stink eye. And I’m not exactly sure where the Boss is looking.

Here the Boss and I started rocking back and forth to Feliz Navidad. I’m really getting into it. The Coyote is mortified.

Now I’m bored…

Here the guys started making fun of me:

I think this is the best one. The Coyote is slightly less mortified. Note his hat has no pompom. I pulled it off. Maybe that’s why he’s cranky…

When the hats were removed, the Coyote was a BIT happier…

You’ll note the individual tree shots up above. That required duct tape to stick us to the floor (OK, just me) – so I wouldn’t go crazy around the Christmas tree. Those shots involved really good treats.

OK. Gotta go finish my letter. The Boss said the deadline for letters from naughty dogs was December 1st. I hope he’s joking…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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