The guest is…

Hey hey hey it’s another fantastic Friday blogaroos. And it’s fabulously fantastic here – because we have company!

Nope. Not Santa. Not the Easter Bunny. That would be even more weird than Santa. Nope – it’s Auntie Sue – the Warden’s sister! She came to visit and go to a bunch of Christmas craft shows and to do holiday shopping with the Warden. Her husband, Keith, REALLY wanted to do marathon shopping too, but he had business at home. They’ll both be back again after Christmas! So it’s a girl’s visit – with us boys!

Auntie Sue has kinda figured me out. She knows to brace herself when I suddenly begin the PONdianapolis 500 around the dining room table. When the Warden said to her that I have “a screw loose,” she replied, “Just one?” She thinks she’s funny. When she was giving out dog treats yesterday, she told us to sit and then gave them out to us one by one saying our names: “Frodo…Elroy….Cujo.” Ha. Ha. She’s hysterical. I know she adores me. Who couldn’t?

We went for a nice long walk yesterday- and I did demonstrate for her my unique and useful skill of retrieving lost golf balls. She did admit that I do have redeeming qualities. Or at least that one.

Meanwhile, the Coyote jumps on her from behind, while the Boss has probably increased her need for hearing aids with his barking. She did say we are “entertaining.” Or maybe I made that up…

Anyway, we’re glad to have her here – and she and the Warden did come home with some gifts “from Santa” after a day of shopping yesterday. One bag smelled distinctly like a pet store – so I’m feeling encouraged about that.

I think they might be doing more shopping today- but it won’t be all day, because I’m also going to class. No rest for the…wonderful.

It’s almost time for our morning walks. Time to wake up Auntie Sue so she can make the most of her day. Carpe dog’em!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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