Christmas movies

Happy Sunday blogaroos! Squirmy Cujo Wormy here. With another episode of Christmas with the Crazies.

So. If decorating this place with enough elves to form a weird miniature army with giant ears wasn’t enough, NOW we are being subjected to cheesy Christmas movies. Really. Aunt Sue and the Warden have been watching them every night – and we canines are forced to sit through them and pretend to find them interesting. The last one did feature a dog, but only in a small part. They all seem to star actors and actresses from some former TV show that only ran for one season. The good news is that they all have a happy ending. I think I could write one. In fact, maybe I should….like the story of these two people who each have a dog. One dog is called Snowball and the other is called Twink. And the two dogs like each other and they drag their owners together in the dog park. And those shooting star sparks start to fly. But one day, Snowball steps on a broken Christmas ornament and it’s in his paw, so Snowball gets cranky when he meets Twink . So the owners think they have to stay apart. But it starts to blizzard out and Twink charges out of the house when she sees a rabbit. And the owner can’t find Twink in the blizzard. But the other owner and Snowball, who had the sore paw but who has been miraculously cured, are out because they are on their way to the Christmas tree lot to pick out a tree. In the blizzard. So Snowball starts to track Twink in the snow and finds her hiding under the porch of the town hall where the Christmas pageant is about to begin. They all go inside and the two owners look happily at each other and profess their love for one another and the two dogs are all happy too and in the background the music playing is Silent Night. Oh oh oh and they have to have hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies and special treats for the dogs in the shape of stockings. Oh oh oh and the animals in the manger are actually dogs dressed up to look like sheep and a cow and a donkey. And they all live waggily ever after. The End. OK. I still have a few kinks to work out, but that’s the general gist.

In other news, I had my weekly class on Friday and I seem to have emerged from my weirdo fear period that I went through a few weeks ago. I’ve got my focus back – and the Warden was very pleased with my behavior in class. Actually she was more than pleased – she was kinda shocked. I just like to keep giving her that good old intermittent reinforcement.

I’m not sure what the girls have on the agenda for today – but the Boss said to put money on another Christmas movie tonight. Personally, I think they could be reported to Animal Control for cruelty to animals for making us watch them. I’m thinking I may hide – like in a closet with the elves if they do watch another one tonight. Wish me luck.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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