Mystery guest

Howdy blogaroos! It’s Squirmy wacky Wormy here on a wonderful Wednesday! And guess what? You give up? Well – I don’t know either! But something is going on here…

So yesterday, we all got a good grooming – and as usual, I won the prize for best behaved. I know you find that hard to believe. But it’s true!!!! The Boss is horrible when it comes to grooming, and while the Coyote doesn’t mind being brushed – he HATES having his nails done. The Warden cannot clip his nails – he freaks out. So she brings out some kind of roto-tiller buzzy thing and she grinds them down. OK. The Boss said I got that wrong. He said it’s a dremel. Not to be confused with a dirndl- a kind of German folk costume or a dreidl- played with on Hanukkah. No – a dremel spins and grinds nails. Or fingers. Or hair. You would think it would be more scary than a nail clipper. But the Coyote is always different. He doesn’t mind it at all.

Anyway, after we were all fluffed and puffed, and the Warden was suitably stuffed up and sneezing, she continued to clean the house. I have not seen ANY suitcases. Unless she’s hiding them in the bathroom. But the Boss never misses a thing and he said no luggage has been moved about. So that can only mean one thing – COMPANY! A new ricochet victim!!! And the Warden said she is going to the airport this morning!!!

Could it be Santa? I mean could it?! The Boss just said that’s a stupid guess- the jolly guy doesn’t arrive by plane and he’s not scheduled for a few more weeks. Good thing. I don’t have my list done yet.

Well you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out who is coming to the House of Crazies. Better be someone who brings ear plugs, a lint roller and dog treats…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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