It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Howdy blogaroos! It’s me – Squirmy the Grinch. And why am I a Grinch? Well because for the last two days, the Warden has been “decorating” our happy home for Christmas. And let me tell you, decorating can be boring. I was just a little pup last year – and apparently she had scaled things back because of the Great Pause. So I didn’t get to experience the Griswold Christmas. But not this year. Holy moly. Who knew all those Santas, elves, angels, trees, ornaments, reindeer,wreaths and Baby Jesuses were all actually IN this house. I’m not sure where they were all hiding. It took TWO DAYS for every elf to find his perfect location. And get this – she didn’t even put up the TREE yet. I’m not sure about this tree thing – she didn’t put one up last year. The Boss said we can’t pee on it. IF we ever even get near it – it will be in the DFZ.

Needless to say, as the explosion was erupting in the DFZ, I was watching and waiting for the first chance I could find to get in there. Those elves look tasty. So I did a tag team effort with the Coyote yesterday while the Warden was in the DFZ talking to a friend on the phone. The Coyote started scratching at the deck door, so as the Warden came out of the DFZ to let him out, while she was holding the phone in one hand and the gate in the other, I burst through the opening to get a better look at all the assorted Christmas tchotchkes. I immediately leapt onto the sofa for a good view, meanwhile – while the Warden was trying to usher me out, the Coyote dashed in and slid on a carpet narrowly avoiding crashing into a glass cabinet. I thought that looked like fun – plus I thought it could be a cool place to try our wrestling moves. At this point, the Warden had tossed her phone – while her friend on the other end could hear the chaos going on. And some choice vocabulary, not fit to print here. As the Warden tried to grab the Coyote, he leapt onto the sofa and I followed.

I do believe both of us lost some tufts of hair in the shuffle because we weren’t wearing collars. When she finally got us out and returned to her phone call out of breath, her friend asked if she was OK. Of course she was! She’s so dramatic. Now I can’t wait for this tree thing.

Today in the US is a big holiday called Thanksgiving. Lots of food, parades, football games, AND the National Dog Show from Philadelphia. Wonder who will take home all the biscuits this year. Last year was a Scottish Deerhound. Seems it’s about time a Polish Dog won. But I’m putting my money on a poodle. They always win. Here’s some info about this year’s show:

And speaking of parades – there’s the big Macy’s parade in NYC. Here’s a cool story about some little known events that have occurred at the parade in the past:

Who KNEW they used to let balloons go?! Imagine looking in the sky and seeing a hippo pass by. The Coyote would go wild. He likes to watch birds. A hippo? His head would explode.

Now I probably shouldn’t point this out – given that’s it’s Thanksgiving and a day to be nice…but did ya happen to notice that two of the parade disasters involved CAT balloons- Felix and the Cat in the Hat?! Just sayin’. Oh and the most beloved balloon? Snoopy. A dog. I’ll say no more.

Anyway, I decided to plagiarize this next part from words which Viktor wrote some years ago. No matter WHERE you live, it’s important to be thankful for so many things in life. Like Kongs. And treat jars. And walks in the sunshine. And as Viktor wrote:

Be thankful for the fact that you have the ability to read this blog! Not everyone can.

Be thankful that you have a computer or other electronic device that you can read this blog on.  Not everyone does.

Be thankful that you have the electricity to run your device.  Not everyone does.

Be thankful that you have been owned by or are currently owned by a dog.  We bring so much joy to your life.  Most of the time…

Be thankful that you woke up this morning to celebrate a new day.  Not everyone will…. 

So take a moment to give thanks for all you have – including your loved ones – two legged and four legged.

Happy Thanksgiving – no matter WHERE you live! Now. Pass the turkey!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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