Not much new

Hey blogaroos. It’s a super Saturday and it’s me – Squirmy here – writing from the land of the Christmas explosion. Seriously- there are more Santas in our house than full poop bags in the garbage can outside. OK. Maybe that wasn’t such a good comparison. Or visual… But I bet you got the point.

So I had class yesterday and I was actually better than last week. The Warden thinks I’m starting to emerge from my “weird period”. I mean I’m still crazy – but not so worried about stuff again. My adorable sweet personality is coming back again. Still with the ricochets but that will always be who I am.

Hey – did you watch the National Dog Show? So if you didn’t- the Scottish Deerhound who won last year – WON again. First time there’s been a double winner in like a million years. Good for her.

But there was also a disappointing side to the show. So. The Warden sat down to watch the Group judging and got to quickly see the Picard and the PON as they introduced the herding group. BUT then they started the judging – and only showed CERTAIN breeds on TV. For the sake of time. Cough. Do you THINK they featured the PON or the Picard? Nope. We didn’t make the TV cut. A cute Pyrenean Shepherd won the group. Which was cool. Neither the PON or Picard made the top 4. Maybe that’s why they weren’t featured in the TV highlights. But still. We were disappointed. Well, OK truthfully we didn’t care. But the Warden did. Mind you, fame is a double edged bone. If a breed wins, it becomes popular. And if it’s popular, then people start breeding them like crazy to meet the demand. Which can screw up the gene pool. At least that’s my vast understanding of genetics. So maybe it’s good we lost. That’s it – always look at the bright side. I think.

The Warden seems to be doing some extra cleaning the past few days – so it appears something is up. It usually means one of two things – she is going away OR we are getting company. Haven’t seen any suitcases yet – so I’m putting my biscuits on company.

We have had LOTS of rain lately- but the weekend is looking sorta sunny. Longer walks again- thank goodness. Beats running around in the muddy backyard. And the multiple trips to the tub. I’m starting to look like a shaggy SharPei.

Gotta go. Time to pull. I mean walk.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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