Christmas list review

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another terrific Tuesday. All good here at the circus. Although…we COULD do without all the rain and wind. I just hope today is better than last night. It was crazy!

Well. It’s that time of the year when humans are beginning to prepare for Christmas. The Warden remembers back 100 years ago when she was a kid in the US, and Christmas planning didn’t begin until AFTER Thanksgiving- which is this Thursday. But since that time, Christmas preparations begin pretty much after Labor Day now. Heck – the dreaded Dollar Store had Halloween and Christmas decorations out at the same time!

Anyway, I figured I had better start my list. So. I found this thing on-line with 66 gifts for dogs and their humans. I’m about the review them. And well, I’m not holding back on my reviews. At all. And fair warning- I’m honest. Brutally honest. I’ll put a star next to,those items that make the cut. Here’s the link:

And here we go….

Wicked Smart Bone: The interactive toy. When you’re not home. Blah. Blah. Think that Wicked Smart Bone would survive one day with a PON or Picard who either tosses it in the air or hurls it against a wall? Doubtful.

Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case: Cute. $50. Put us on your screensaver: $0.

PokePet Card: Like we dogs would EVER care about this., A metal card. To do what with?

* Dual Layer Bone: It’s a maybe. Chewing is a good sell.

Dog sweaters. Of ANY kind. I rate them minus 15 out of 10. Period.

Dog camera. Blah blah. Trust me . We QUICKLY figure out you are not here. And really – do you NEED to watch us EVERY second?!

Dog bath robe. Says for dogs who used to hate baths. Right. Like wearing attire will make bath time SO much fun…

Advent calendar. Here’s the deal. Buy a bag of treats and every day and tell us it came from a calendar. We won’t know the difference.

* Pet custom stuff: OK. I’m all about artists and I agree and support portraits, etc. It’s original stuff. One of a kind stuff. That’s cool. I totally support it. But here’s a secret – something like a custom pet paw print… Hello? Unless you are into forensics or something, can you REALLY tell your dog’s paw print from another?

Personalized pet dish. Do you REALLY think I won’t eat from a bowl that doesn’t have MY name on it? Do you have YOUR name on your dinner plate? I rest my case.

* The Dog Treat Maker. Looks like a waffle iron with little bones. Clever. If it has to do with food, I’m in.

Pet stocking. Like the personalized bowl – I don’t care. As long as contents are edible.

Cute stuffed unicorn. Would take the Boss 3.6 seconds to rip off that horn. All other plush toys on the list are a waste of money. At least in this house.

* The Wild One Bolt Bite. Has potential. Just by the name alone.

Corner dog bed. Hello? Do you think we can’t or won’t move it from a corner?!

OK I’m getting bored already. Let’s skip around…

PJs for humans and their dog. Anybody who buys us this – we’ll promise to take photos in it. CAN you imagine?

* So as I said, custom art or photography is OK. We support artists wherever they may be…

Little dog stuff. Like the Felt pet cave, or the Cupcake Bed Doghouse or the Tote Carrier. I can’t address these as none of us are tiny.

Lavender Dog Macarons. Yum. $23.99 gone in 4.9 seconds. Great investment.

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Toy. Wonder if he works his magic with his head removed…

Scripted Fragrance Dog Breed Candles. No PONs. No Picards. Other dog humans MAY find their breed. Like Labradoodles. Cough.

The sidekick shower system. With a dog-friendly attachment. Seriously? What dog endorsed this one. Marketing. Pure marketing.

A gold nameplate. To put on my collar. “So no one will ever ask your dog’s name again.” As I rip off your fingers while you stick your face in my collar. Just kidding. Sort of.

Shed defender onesie. So you don’t have to vacuum so much. Really? Get a stuffed toy. We can send you plenty without limbs. Or a head.

Pup Mom Crate monthly box for Dog Moms. Unless it contains alcohol, it’s a waste of money. A LOT of alcohol.

So. I’m all about the food and treats and anything that relates to chewing. Now, if any of those products wants to send us one to test, we’ll be very happy to receive them. But the Boss said, said based on this review, I don’t need to hold my breath. Wait. I’ll find another list…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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