Happy spectacular Sunday blogaroos. Guess who? Yup – Squirmy drop-that Wormy here for your Sunday funnies.

Did you know, that on this very day in 1837, some guy by the name of Thomas Morris, skipped rope 22,806 times. Really. That’s 22,801 more times than the Warden could do. But I never said that.

So since we’re on this rather boring topic, I had to see how canines do with skipping rope.

I found this video from 2011 with 13 dogs breaking a record. Check them out:


The humans who are owned by those dogs broke their own record with 14 dogs in 2013. That’s crazy. The Warden can’t get three of us to sit still for photos without a car load of treats. Getting us to skip rope – together – impossible.

Here’s a video of a dog trying to break a double Dutch skipping record…


I think the dog just had performance anxiety. Like me in obedience. Sooooo close….

In 2016, a woman and her dog broke the record for the number of skips together in one minute. They did 59!!!! Her dog Jessica, and her other dog Jacob, love to do all kinds of tricks. Check them out:


And now I KNOW there is SOMEONE out there wanting to learn how to skip rope with their dog, and doesn’t know how to start. Here’s a little video showing you some options:


Good luck with that. I would love to try it, but getting the Warden to jump would be like getting her to pole vault – it is NOT going to happen. Mind you, she did a flying leap the other day while walking in the woods with the Coyote- when he decided to suddenly dash to the end of his leash. The Warden said a quick prayer as she found herself falling forward, and watched as a tree stump was about to impale her chest. Somehow (probably because her Guardian Angel was looking after her) she hit the stump left of center – ending up with bruised ribs but no major damage. So I’m thinking that jumping rope WITH us is not in the cards.

We have sunshine in the forecast today but then the weather people (otherwise known as the gamblers) are forecasting LOTS AND LOTS of rain and wind. I forecast short walks. VERY short walks. And 168 rounds of Find the Bunny. Or maybe…we could jump rope… I’m so funny.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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