And in the news…

Howdy everybody! It’s Squirmy on a fantastic Friday! It’s back to class again today. I’ve been studying hard all week- so we’ll see if I remember ANYTHING when I walk into the classroom.

We’ve had a couple of rainy days so it’s been kinda boring here at the ranch. We didn’t even go for very long walks. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

So since the circus has been quiet, let’s turn to the news to see what’s going on…

The first story is about some research using a device that allows dogs to “call” their humans. Check it out:

The Warden read this story and was kinda skeptical about whether the dog REALLY called. Or was it accidental. The Warden said she would never, ever get such a device because she figures one of two things would probably happen. A. We WOULD figure out that we were calling and we would make prank calls. B. We would shred the device to bits.

Yeah- it’s not on our Christmas list.

This next story was shared with us by our good friend in France – Dominique. Now THIS story is cool:

I want to be in THIS experiment!!! Picture me in the cockpit doing flips! That’s MUCH more exciting than making a phone call.

And finally – according to the crazy calendar, today is National Blow Bagpipes day. Really. Now when researching this topic, we found ALL kinds of videos of dogs reacting to bagpipes. There was barking. There was howling. And honestly, none of us reacted to any of it. Except the video in this story – which we realize IS a few years old. But the dog in this video made the Boss’s head tilt side to side. Repeatedly. We wish we had a video but you can probably picture it in your mind. Try playing it for your own dog and see what happens:

So that’s it from me. Gotta go get fluffed for class. Even if ya don’t behave, you can look good.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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