Go get….

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here on another wonderful Wednesday. Hoping the first half of your week has been good and whether or not it has been- that the next half will be even BETTER.

So, today I’d like to share my latest round of entertainment. It all has to do with the fact that I ALWAYS need to be holding something in my mouth. It’s actually a self- learned and externally reinforced behavior so I don’t bite others in my household. At least not as much. I’m still a chattery little shark – but if I carry something around, like Tuggie, I can’t bite anyone. Only one problem- because I get so excited and want to hold SOMETHING, I grab any toy, bone, chew thing I can when I run out the back door into the yard. Hence, almost all of our toys are outside. Now sometimes Tuggie ends up out there during a rainstorm, and because Tuggie is made of rope and fabric, Tuggie gets all wet. And then weighs a LOT. So Tuggie made a LOT of noise when thrown into the dryer the other day. The loud banging didn’t last long – because the Warden actually thought Tuggie might break the dryer – so Tuggie needed to dry off – for days in the garage.

So leaving Tuggie outside is not a great idea. But there is ONE thing worse than leaving Tuggie out. Leaving out a Kong. Why you might ask? Because Kongs in this household are the only things that allow the Warden to have breakfast in peace. They are stuffed with yogurt and treats and frozen and the Boss and I get one every morning while the Warden has her breakfast. I’m sure I’ve told you this before. The Coyote doesn’t “do” Kongs. He gets a slice of bread. Which he flips around like a chef hurling dough in a pizza place. Eventually he eats it.

Anyway, we have 6 Kongs. The black, indestructible-for-a-couple-of-months variety. Why do we have six? So the Warden doesn’t have to stuff them every single day. She prefers stuffing in batches. We were up to 8 at one point, but even the black indestructible versions are no match for PONs over the long term. So two were retired and we are down to 6. One is a bit sketchy, so the Warden is anxiously awaiting a Kong sale. Some women are excited about shoe sales. She gets excited when Kongs go on sale. I think they are on her Christmas list.

Anyway…..running outside with Kongs is a no-no. Because, IF the Warden doesn’t see me do it, AND it is Kong stuffing night, she has been known to go out in our rather large fenced back yard with a flashlight to search for a black Kong in the dark. It’s kinda fun to watch. Or to run around pretending to look for it.

Which brings me to yesterday….It was just after we got up and were getting ready for our walks. The Coyote scratched at the deck door, so the Warden said we should all go out for a quick pee before our walks. I raced out…with a Kong in my mouth – before she could catch me at the door. We all went pee and raced up the stairs. I came quickly. Minus one Kong. I raced in the house, and the Warden said “hey – where’s the Kong?” I looked at her and before she could stop me, I raced back out. With Tuggie in my mouth this time. Down the stairs I flew. Sure enough – I returned with the Kong! Of course I did!

But now the Warden said “Where’s Tuggie?” If ONLY I could speak English and say “Why it’s right in the yard under the steps where I left it”. But instead I raced down the steps. Ran around the yard, and raced back up. Minus Tuggie. “No” she said “GO GET TUGGIE.” I did a repeat performance. Raced down, ran around, returned Tuggie-less. Meanwhile the Boss is shouting “Can we just go for our walks already?!” This time, the Warden started heading down the steps to get Tuggie herself. I raced past her, grabbed Tuggie and started back up the steps. “Good job” she says (rolling her eyes) as she turns around to go back up. We get to the deck, she looks at me- and no Tuggie. I dropped Tuggie part way up, but she didn’t see because she was ahead of me. It was at this point, when I saw the smoke coming out of her ears, and after she said something like “Go get Tuggie NOW,” but not exactly in those words, that I turned around and got Tuggie.

So that’s how our day began! I just like to get her moving – she’s kinda slow some mornings. She’ll thank me some day.

Hey – anybody know where I can buy Tuggies or Kongs wholesale? I thought I might surprise the Warden for Christmas. I know – I know – I’m such a thoughtful, sweet guy….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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