Yo. Blog people. Elroy here today on another Monday. Once upon my time, Her Highness would be getting ready to go to work. The olden days. The shaggy shark doesn’t remember back that far, because he wasn’t even born yet. It’s pretty cool that she’s home all the time now. And we bug her, I mean love her, every single minute.

Yesterday Her Highness announced that she was going out in the afternoon- to see some puppies. PON puppies to be precise. She also announced she would not be bringing one home. I let out a HUGE exhale. I mean seriously- can you IMAGINE ANOTHER PON in this household?! I’m outnumbered as it is! Plus the Imp is like a puppy, cat, mountain lion, shark and squirrel all rolled into one. He’s crazy – that one. I honestly think you readers think I am exaggerating. But I’m dead serious. He has all the puppy behaviors (which one would expect given that he IS still under 2 years old), he likes to jump from a standing position onto furniture without so much as a running start like a cat, he stalks me like a mountain lion, he bites like a shark AND he moves faster and more erratically than a squirrel. The thought of another shark in this household, and I’d be packing my suitcase. If I had one.

Anyway, when Her Highness came home she could barely walk in the room because our noses were STUCK to her pants. She smelled like puppies. She said she tried to get photos, but she was either busy mauling them, or they were moving around. Here’s just a couple of samples…They are six weeks old…

There are six puppies in total – three boys and three girls. They all have homes lined up – and Her Highness even got to meet one pair of PPOs. Potential Puppy Owners for those who don’t know the letters. Her Highness said it was a very nice couple with lots of dog experience. But this will be their first PON. Heaven help them…

Meanwhile, yours truly got into a BIT of a “tiff” with our neighbor Max the other day. You may recall that Max and I didn’t see eye to eye or should I say nose to butt once before. I thought we were good after that encounter, but truthfully, I haven’t seen him since then. Anyway, Her Highness and I were coming back from our morning constitutional, and Max spotted us as he was coming up his driveway. I think he may have mistaken me for the Boss – who carries on “conversations” with him from our house to his. We can’t even SEE his house from our house, but the Boss hears him or vice versa, and the two of them get into a shouting match. Well, obviously, the Boss shouted out something bad, like “your breath smells like liver.” Or “your humans make you wear a raincoat”. Clearly the Boss can sound like a bully. So Max might have thought it was me who made the sassy comments. Anyway, he came toward me slowly and did not look happy. Her Highness was trying to pull me away, and that probably made matters worse. So a tiny scuffle started, with Her Highness repeatedly (and futilely ) shouting “no.” The tiff was over in less than 10 seconds when Max’s humans came and grabbed him. I’m certain it had something to do with what the Boss said. Or the fact that I tried to paw him in a face. But there were no injuries – just lots of loudness. Her Highness and Max’s humans get along great – so it’s all fine. You know what they say: “dogs will be dogs.” Which is kind of crazy when you think about it. I mean it would be nuts to say “dogs will be sharks.” Then again….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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