Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here – and I’m up super early! Why? Because somebody changed the clock! And here it is, the time when we usually get up – only it’s an hour early! That’s OK with me – let’s get this Sunday rolling! But wait – do we have to wait an extra hour for breakfast?! Maybe this time change thing isn’t so good after all….

Not much new here in the wilds of Nova Scotia. Or more like the wilds of our house. I had my weekly obedience class on Friday. The Warden says I do better at home. Of COURSE I do! No distractions at home! She said I need more distraction work. I guess that means more road trips. Yay. I think.

She said that sometimes she thinks I’m brilliant- and other times – not so much. For example, if she tells me to “get Tuggie” I’ll run around the house searching for it – and if it’s not in the house, I’ll search outside. And I find Tuggie 99.9% of the time. I love Tuggie. A lot….

Yesterday, the Warden realized I had taken a Kong outside. The Boss and I get one stuffed with yummy things every morning. The Coyote never wants one. Anyway, during one of my daily frenzy moments, I ran outside with a Kong, and left it in the yard. The Warden was doing a Kong count and realized one was missing. So she opened the deck door and told me to “find the Kong.” I raced across the deck, down the stairs and onto the lawn. I ran around, found the Kong and brought it in. The Warden was SO impressed with my brilliance. I mean I KNEW what the “Kong” was. Or at least she thought I did. She decided to do a little test. She took me, Tuggie and a Kong downstairs to the rec room. She placed both toys at one end of the room, and me across the room. Then she told me to “Get Tuggie.” Well I raced over, grabbed Tuggie and came right back for a game of tug. We played and then she told me to wait. She put Tuggie back and this time, she told me to get KONG. She must have said KONG five times as I raced across the room. I grabbed Tuggie and came back. So much for my brilliant word discrimination. She decided to try again. Again she set me up and said “Get KONG!!!” I raced out, grabbed Tuggie and jumped on the sofa. We didn’t play that game very long. But really – I knew what the Kong was – but it’s not nearly as much fun as Tuggie! At least that’s my excuse. Oh – an you may not know this, but I like to do things MY way…

Well, time to see if any of the neighbors are up this early on a Sunday…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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