Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy stop-licking-your-brother Wormy here on this terrific Tuesday. And do you know what day it is? Why it’s Go to an Art Museum Today Day. Yup. A day to throw on your cultural clothes after you use the lint roller to remove the dog hair, and visit a museum. You can visit any museum you like – BUT if you are owned by a dog (or three) you should REALLY visit a canine museum! So we checked out some options for you – if you happen to live in the vicinity of one of these:

And here’s another list of options – with a few that are different:

Now the Warden still wants to visit the AKC Museum of the Dog in the Big Apple. This video was done before the museum opened – but it gives you a bit of an idea of what it’s like:

If you want an actual tour of one of the previous exhibits, here is one about Hollywood Dogs.

And if you’re in a political mood, here’s a tour of the Presidential Dog exhibit:

So. If you watched any of those, it counts as your Go to an Art Museum Today thing. I had to watch every video, so I’m good for the next few years.

Did you notice that there is a Dachshund museum? But hello- no PON or Picard museum?! I think the Warden is working on it. We have lots of examples in our house of “things” that have PONs or Picards on them. Paintings, fridge magnets, mugs, jewelry, clothing, ornaments, pillows, calendars, purses…people owned by dogs get kinda crazy like that. Or at least our human does. Kinda like a cult. She could also open a museum of grooming tools. Yawn.

OK. Time to get this Tuesday started – bright and early – because we still haven’t adjusted to this time change thing. Plus since we get moving early, we get breakfast early too!!! Score!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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