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Hello blog aficionados. Frodo here today for a bit of a world news review – as you working readers begin to prepare for your weekend. Ah yes, Friday. The day many people long for. I dare say, it is likely the most popular day of the week. Even canines enjoy Fridays, if they own humans who are employed. It means the joyous return of their human at the end of the day . Joy is felt by all.

But I digress. I am beginning to jump topics like the Imp. Heaven help me. Back to the topic at hand. News.

First in our review is the story of Rocky, a dog who came face to face with a cougar or mountain lion. You may see a video of his perilous encounter right here.

Now I must confess, I did put on QUITE the similar show the other morning when I, myself encountered a big cat. It was while we were out for my morning constitutional. I was walking along, when suddenly, I got a telltale aroma of wildlife and my nose flew into the air. And then I spotted the creature sitting in the ditch at the side of the road. I went into my famous Cujo persona, barking, snarling and attempting to pull Her Highness into the ditch. The fierce creature raised his back at me an snarled back. Just like Rocky, I would have protected my human at all costs.

Ahem. Well. Admittedly, my large cat was of the household variety. And the real danger was in Her Highness falling over as she attempted to drag me away. There is great debate as to whether or not we actually even HAVE cougars in Nova Scotia. The provincial wildlife officials repeatedly say they do not exist- as there has been no “tangible” evidence of them. Like their poo. But still, MANY people report that they HAVE indeed seen them. Personally, I think I prefer the domestic variety. The thought of encountering one and resulting in a “hole that goes into my brain, is less than appealing”…

The next news video deals with a canine who was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Literally.

What a lovely happy ending. No one in this household plans to get caught in a similar situation. Her Highness would NEVER fit in a crack that size. Especially after her recent Halloween candy consumption. We wouldn’t stand a chance.

And lastly, a video of a dog who decided to take a joy ride…

Now THAT I found entertaining. Titan clearly does not yet have his license. Although it does remind me of the time Her Highness scraped Ludwig along the wall in a parking garage. But I never mentioned that story…..

May your Friday be fantastic- and your weekend even better.

Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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