Where’s Wojtek: behind the scenes

Hey everybody! Squirmy here again today! The other guys are still tired out after all the Halloween guard work, as unnecessary as it was, but I’m never tired so I get to write the blog! And today I thought I’d answer some burning questions about my Where’s Wojtek photos. It seems to be a hot topic – so we thought we would tell you some of the “behind the scenes” secrets to my sneaky snaps.

I should probably mention that sometimes the other guys WISH I would disappear when I take those photos . They say that, but I know they are joking. At least I think they are. Anyway, let me take you through a typical Where’s Wojtek photo shoot.

First, there must be treats. Lots of treats. This model does NOT work for free. And my rates keep going up.

Next, we go on a walk. Or to a specific destination. The Warden then scopes out the scenery, looking for places that yours truly could hide.

Then she takes me to a certain spot, and tells me to either sit or lie down. Then she gives me a treat, and tells me to stay or wait.

She walks away to get a good vantage point and to see if I’m really hidden. Sometimes we need to adjust my position. Every time we adjust, there is a treat payment. Actually, several treats. And when the Warden either returns to me – or she says “free” , I get even more treats!

After a thousand or so shots are taken we go home and the Warden looks though them. Sometimes she can’t find me. Which is a bit scary given that she took the photos. She then selects the best shot, and shares it with you!

To give you an example of a typical shoot, here are three shots in the same location! Good luck finding me!!! (one is pretty easy!)

You probably saw this one that was posted yesterday.

Yes – I was sitting in a hole, and covered in leaves for that one. The treats were super good. I must confess that while the Warden was “preparing the scene” by moving around the leaves, I went AWOL in the woods. The Warden said I was acting just like Viktor. But I wasn’t even chasing a bunny. I was running just because.

So that’s your behind the scenes look at my find me photos. The Warden says these are “functional stay” practices. I say they are easy – ya don’t move, and ya get treats. Pretty simple when you think of it.

Anyway- time to scout out some new locations!

Have a good one! Peace and paws up! Stay safe.

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