Halloween aftermath

Hey hey hey. Howdy blogaroos! It’s Squirmy stop-barking-at-the-wind Wormy here on November the 1st. Also known in some circles as All Saints Day. The Warden thought it would be “cute” to take Saint-like photos- just when we thought we were safe because Halloween is over. So you have yours truly looking quite pious ….

And the Boss who of course is the only one in this house who deserves a halo…

The Coyote REFUSED to even go in the garage also known as the grooming torture palace, the photo studio, the repository for “stuff” and the place where Ludwig lives – because we told him about the halo. The Warden begged him, but he was NOT going to put anything on his head after the weird pumpkin headbands. That top photo is one we forgot to share the other day. His ears are almost up. Or at least one is. Anyway, she conceded halo defeat. This time.

Speaking of Halloween- it was a miserable, rainy, blustery day – so the kids didn’t have a very nice day for Trick or Treating. I mean it was just about as horrible as it could get – barring a hurricane or snowstorm. We barked EVERY time we heard the wind blow (because we KNEW there was a POSSIBILITY of small two-leggeds coming – based on the basket of treats in the front hall) and we were on alert. Thankfully, our three cute neighbors across the road braved the elements to visit us. Well – they didn’t really “visit” us canines – as we were sequestered on the other side of the French door – looking into the hallway – but they came to see the Warden. She had some special treat bags for them – thinking they might come by. Meanwhile, we shouted out our welcomes. The Warden kept futilely telling us to be quiet. The Warden pictures those sweet kids when they are 20 saying “yeah and for Halloween we would go to the crazy lady’s house across the road – and we couldn’t wait to get out of there for fear one of her howling hounds would break through the French door.” Yup. That’s us – making memories.

So although the Warden gave most of the treats she had to the three kids across the road, she still had leftovers. In case a bus arrived. We know who will be making sure they don’t go to the landfill. And then she’ll complain when her pants don’t “feel nice.”

You know we canines are pretty smart. Humans celebrate Trick or Treat on one day. We canines celebrate Trick AND Treat all year round. We just don’t have to wear costumes.

OK. Time to get the November party started.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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