Sitter report. And new study.

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy stop that Wormy here on a ……super Sunday? Well…. Not totally super. Our company left yesterday, so now the Warden is feeling sad. We’ll have to perk her up. Heaven knows we keep things perky around here.

So when they returned from their island adventure, our sitter gave a full report on our behavior. I did my usual ricochet routine with her. The Boss barked away. And the Coyote performed his Picky Picard behavior with breakfast each day. He ALWAYS ate supper. I guess he’s going through another fasting routine.

Anyway, we really like the sitter – despite the fact that she shares EVERYTHING about how we behave. Like the fact that the Coyote and I twice got into a little “tiff” when our humping play went over the top. She had to break us up. The Warden thinks that happens when she goes away because we are vying for the number 2 spot in the household. The Boss is, and always will be, numero uno, and I SHOULD be number three, based on seniority…but sometimes if the Humpty game gets to be too much, I start thinking I should be number two. And keep in mind that this happens only when we have a sitter. I guess it’s called “testing the limits.” Anyway, everything is fine – and we ARE good buddies, and since the Warden has been home, she has reread us the house rules, and everybody is back to our normal state of nirvana. OK. Poor word choice. I should say our normal state of chaos.

I went to my Rally match on Friday night. Despite the fact that the Warden had concerns, given that we had not been training for a few days, I managed to pull off a score of 98/100. I would have had 100 if the Warden knew how to count her own steps when she is walking backwards. Sigh. She needs a LOT more training.

And speaking of training, here’s a cool new article about training vocabulary to dogs.

So to sum it up… they used Border Collies. And found that they are smart. Huge finding there…

They also learned that not all Border Collies are created equal. I argue that they are all equal in the smarts department, but not equal in WANTING to learn the new words.

I noticed that they didn’t try PONs or Picards. If there is food involved, we PONs can learn anything. Picards? Yeah they ARE smart, but well, the motivation level may not be quite as high. I call it “Independent Picard Learning.” IPL for short.

I’m afraid that since The Warden read this, she now has a goal to teach yours truly 3 words in a week. She’s starting with a low number. Not sure if she’s questioning my intellect, or my interest. I already know Tuggie. And ball. Well-golf ball to be specific. I kinda know Bunny – when we’re playing Find the Bunny. But would I pick Bunny over Tuggie when asked to do so? We’ll see.

Time to get ready for walkies.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Sitter report. And new study.

  1. Welcome home! I’m glad you enjoyed your time away.
    Life goes back to normal pretty quickly. It’s good to know you have a sitter that doesn’t “sugarcoat” the boys behavior as I’m sure you’d see right through that!😂


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