They return today

Hey hey hey everybody! It’s me -Squirmy crash test Wormy here on this fantastic Friday.

We are currently holding the dog sitter captive. Just leave three bags of biscuits, a pint of blueberries, three stuffed Kongs, three marrow bones and three bully sticks outside the front door and we’ll release her.

Just jokin”.

We’ve been behaving PRETTY well. But we have to – the Warden returns today!

So according to rumor, she went with Sue and Keith to some place that does a whole special culinary dining experience thing. First they take you on their farm and explain how they grow things, and then they prepare the food using all fancy flavors. It’s all the same to me – I’d be happy to eat stuff at the farm level. Like the Boss who will eat tomatoes right off the vine. No need for fancy prep work – we don’t even taste what we eat – we do it so quickly. At least that goes for me and the Boss. The Coyote might enjoy the slow fine dining experience more. “Might” is the operative word – he’s kinda picky.

Anyway, apparently while the farmer was giving the tour, his loyal, well-behaved 2 year old Australian Shepherd, Harley stayed right at his feet – throughout the hour long presentation.

The Warden was impressed by Harley’s behavior. And a bit depressed thinking how none of us could do that kind of thing. I mean the Boss would be barking throughout the presentation, I would likely be rolling in compost, and the Coyote would be jumping on all the guests in an effort to get some pats. Yup. Farm presentation dogs we are not.

And speaking of behavior- the troops arrive home today – and get this – yours truly is in some kind of rally practice match TONIGHT. Now THIS should be fun.

OK. Gotta get ready to take the sitter for her walk. And gotta go study my rally signs.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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