She’s Gone

Yo. Blog readers. Elroy here. Yup – me today instead of one of the Mops. They always seem to be doing most of the writing – and honestly, it’s all good with me. I’d rather be playing Humpty Dumpty- which has been getting me in trouble lately. And it’s not my fault – the little guy is equally guilty. Yup – even steven. Mind you 75% of the time I instigate things. My nose is like a magnet , and the Imp’s butt is like a piece of metal. Sorry for the description but that’s the way it is. Then once that happens, that’s the signal to the Imp that it’s game on. The game involves chasing, wrestling chewing and of course lots of humpty.

Anyway, either I or the Imp usually end up in prison if it gets TOO wild.

So get this, on a different note – we get company, and then what do they do? Pack up the car and take Her Highness on a little road trip. Yup. Gone. Leaving us to fend for ourselves for three days. Just joking. Our brave dog sitter has returned. As Her Highness walked out the door, she turned to the sitter and said, “God bless you.” That’s while the Imp was ricocheting off her back, the Boss was barking and I was doing my non-stop I-want-to-hump-the Imp squeak.

They went to some island. But not Bermuda or the Bahamas. Some Prince guy. Oh yeah – I know. Prince Eddie I think. Anyway, I’m sure there will be guilt gifts. Yawn. If they’re edible, I don’t really care. But the Mops will explode. That’s always fun to watch.

Time to go harass a Mop.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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