Humpty. And cats.

Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy what-are-you-up-to-now Wormy here on another marvelous Monday. Our company is still here – and score – no trips to the Emergency Room yet.

I was quite enjoying our guests until they helped the Warden install a new, permanent gate to downstairs. We always had a gate that kind of leaned against the steps, but if someone (meaning canine someone ) REALLY wanted to go downstairs, all they had to do was knock into it and it fell down the stairs. Frankly, we were all generally respectful of that gate, but heaven forbid it did fall down – it was a a spontaneous parade rush down those steps. Anyway, the Warden bought a fancy black, metal gate which kind of matches the gate to the DFZ (as if we canines care about decor) – but she needed another set of hands to install it. So while I was sequestered in a crate, and the Coyote was sequestered outside, Susan read the instructions while Keith did the assembly. All under the watchful eye of the Boss. The Warden uselessly stood by with tools that they didn’t need. Anyway, it works great. And we are permanently stuck on the main level of our house. Until the Boss figures out how to lift the latch…

In other news. The Coyote is going through another serious Humpty obsession with me right now. He seems to go in spurts. His squeaking goes on for probably 75% of his waking hours. If we are left alone together, all heck breaks loose. There has been a LOT of rotating jail time for the two of us.

And in world news, here’s a politically correct article that just came out – claiming to answer the age old question: Who is smarter – cats or dogs?

I say it’s politically correct – because they don’t answer the question! But come on. How many Seeing Eye Cats do you know? And I’ve never heard of Sniffer Cats at the airport. Bomb Detecting Cats? I don’t think so. Guard cats? Maybe guarding against mice. And how many cats do you know who can round up a flock of sheep. Yeah yeah. I know there are those who will argue that cats can’t be bothered to do all that “work stuff”. Some will say they know how to do all of those things, they just choose not to. Let’s be frank – I’m SURE you have heard people say that their cat is so great – he acts like a dog, retrieving, following instructions, etc. How many times do you hear people say about a dog “oh he’s just like a cat?” Not very often I bet. Now don’t get me wrong, I think cats are kinda cool – they can jump on counters and catch rodents and stuff. They even have their own “toilets”. But I don’t know many who have their own blog…Mind you, probably not many who have the talent for getting in so much trouble either…

Well time to start thinking about my morning walk…and a quick game of Humpty before jail time.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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