Pumpkin gong show

Hey everybody! Squirmy stop-licking-your-brother Wormy here on this terrific Tuesday. I hope all of our Canadian family and friends had a super Thanksgiving. The Warden was lucky enough to be invited out to TWO Thanksgiving feasts – one on Sunday and one on Monday. She rolled in the door and barely was able to take us for our walks. Just jokin’. Sort of.

It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise, so she decided it would be perfect for a Where’s Wojtek photo shoot. So she loaded yours truly in Ludwig and off we headed to a pumpkin farm. She had this “idea” for a particular photo – so drove an hour to get it. And guess what? Epic fail. Here’s the scoop. Take a holiday weekend. Mix it with beautiful weather. Add a famous pumpkin farm, that is not only selling pumpkins, but has live music. Add 200 families with 4000 kids, AND the odd dog – and the result is one PON whose head exploded. Not literally. But just TRY to get my attention for a photo. My head was on a swivel.

But before I tell you about the gong show, you need to know where we were. We were at the Dill farm. As in Howard Dill. Still don’t know who that is? Well. He even has a Wikipedia page. He was known as the Pumpkin King. He was from Nova Scotia and he developed and patented the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seed. He won international awards and even a world record in 1980 with a 459 lb pumpkin. The current record in 2021 is a whopping 2708 lbs! That’s a lot of pies!!!! So while the current orange orbs are a lot bigger than Dill’s, it appears some of the giants still grown today are from those Atlantic Giant seeds. There’s your little bit of Giant pumpkin trivia.

But back to my head explosion. I haven’t spent much time with little kids, and although I’m a happy guy, I’m a tad shy when I meet people the first time. Second time I meet them, they are ricochet targets. So given the fact that I haven’t been around kids before, and the Warden didn’t know how I would react, IMAGINE me at the crazy Disney-pumpkin farm. The Warden avoided any two legged under three feet tall. And trust me. There were a LOT of them. It seemed every time she tried to get my photo, another kid would appear. So we would take off in the other direction.

Here are a couple of shots – but they weren’t what she was looking for. Still – in the end, I did enjoy the frenzy. A bit…

We did get a few other shots – you’ll see them in the coming days. And on Sunday, we found a different farm to visit. It was much less busy and ta-da – we got the elusive photo. Watch for it on Facebook or @frodopon on Instagram. I think it’s my best Where’s Wojtek yet!!! I’m starting to really enjoy this game!

Well – almost time to help the Warden walk off some of those desserts she ate. This is going to take a while….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin gong show

  1. Great pictures. You really must persuade your Warden to make a book of all these photos. Kids would love it.




  2. The pics are great, especially the one where Squirmy’s body is hidden behind a huge crate of pumpkins and only his head shows. It seems like Squirmy is peeping from behind the crate, lol. I wonder what his Warden was trying to portray in this pic.


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