A Vet visit. And more criminal behavior.

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy stop-licking-your-brother’s ears Wormy here on this wonderful Wednesday. And a wonderful Wednesday it is! Because yesterday was a terrific Tuesday! Why? Because the Boss went to the Vet. But before you get worried- know that this was a routine check up. That being said, My Enforcer was super stressed about the Vet listening to his heart. We know he has heart problems- and although he is on medication, it’s been a year since the Vet saw him. Anyway, we can all breathe. His heart sounds the same. No worse. He’s doing great. Now his teeth…. Well he won’t be doing any toothpaste commercials. But they agreed to keep an eye on him – and if they appear to be bothering him, he could do with some removals. Knowing what a wimp he is, they opted to watch and wait. So all in all, a good check-up!!

We celebrated the blogiversary with about 50 of our closest friends. Just kidding. It was us boys and My Enforcer. Drinking beer and eating pizza. OK – she drank the beer and ate the pizza, but did share the crust. Yay.

Thanks to those who took part in our blog trivia quiz. We actually had TWO people who got 100% of the answers! Nora and Daniel are clearly long time readers! They’ll be getting a package from us, of some special Nova Scotian treats! For those wondering about the answers, here ya go.

1. What does FG stand for? Friendly Giant- one of several nicknames for Elroy

2. What was The Boss (Frodo) called previously? Einstein

3. Who is Pigpen? Our neighbor, Jackson, the Lab

4. Who failed the herding instinct test? Who passed? Both Frodo and Viktor failed. Elroy passed.

5. What is P3? Picture Perfect Poop! Worthy of a Google Image!

6. What is olfactory art? The slimey prints from our noses left on car windows – or any window really.

7. What was Paxton’s nickname? Bucket Head

8. What is picnore? The art of ignoring your human when they attempt to take your picture!

9. Viktor had a book of dog terms and definitions. What did he call the book? The Viktionary

10. What is the DFZ? The Dog Free Zone

11. What four word sentence do most humans say when they discover we dogs have done something naughty? What did you do? What have you done?

12. What is reguritreat? The action of swallowing a treat so quickly that you choke on it and spit it out. But it’s not worrisome, because you just eat it again!

13. Who is THE best photo model? Frodo

14. Who is Ludwig? Our vehicle. A VW Golf

15. Which is worse – antlers or rabbit ears from the Dollar Store? OK. That has no right answer . So it’s a bonus question. It’s a tie! Either is correct.

Thanks to all who participated. A few others didn’t quite get perfect scores, but we’ll send them some consolation prizes.

What else is new… Oh. My Enforcer took me to several pet stores to do some “attention” training. Where do I report her for cruelty to animals? I mean who takes a PON to a store with shelves loaded with dog food and treats, and expects him to pay attention to her?’ Seriously. Isn’t that just plain mean? Anyway, every time I looked at her, she gave me a treat. My head was like a ping pong ball. I would look at the shelves, then look at her, get a treat, look at the shelves, look at her, etc. I figured out the treat thing pretty quickly , but still would glance longingly at those shelves of food out of the corner of me eye. And let’s face it, when we walked down the toy aisle, I ASSUMED I was supposed to pick something out. I attempted to grab several toys off the racks. I DID get a new tug toy which she was more excited about than I was. When we got home, we played tug in the yard for a bit. I would tug. She would tug. She would tell me to do something. I would do it so then I would get to tug more. Blah blah. But then she made the mistake of tossing the tug toy. Which I ran to fetch. But instead of running back with it, like I do with fetch toys, I pulled an Elroy. I took off with the toy and ran under some bushes in the front of the house. We didn’t play that game very long.

Otherwise, all is well in our happy abode. Post-Breakfast Humpty wrestling is still on the agenda each day. The Coyote was about to be incarcerated the other day for excessive Humpty action – but when he was escorted to his cell, I attempted to join him.

That didn’t work. The warden put a stop to it. The warden. Hey. I like that name. I think I’m switching from My Enforcer to The Warden. It has a nice ring….

OK. Gotta get ready for my morning exercise. And I need to prepare for wrestling.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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