The start of Fall

Hey blogaroos! It’s a fabulous Fall Friday here – and I hope yours is super duper. Yup -Fall has crept up on us and although our temperatures are still pretty summer-like, the leaves are starting to begin their color change. Which you KNOW will mean photos. Oh yay.

Two pumpkins have appeared outside our front door, and bets are on as to who will be the first to “christen” them. The Warden is watching our every move when we go out or come in. But the Coyote and I have lightning fast leg-lifting down to a science- so we’ll see how long those orange orbs remain pee-free.

Today is something called “Hug a Vegetarian Day.” Everyone in this household is a carnivore, but there is one guy who really LOVES his veggies. The Boss. Whenever the Warden went out to pick tomatoes this year from her pretty small crop, he got to go along. Probably because he won’t take off in the woods while she’s picking the “bounty.” Nope- he stands and watches and if he is not given a sample quickly enough, he picks them off the vine himself. He loves all kinds of veggies – tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, celery, broccoli…the only thing he’s not wild about is lettuce. He chews it and spits it out. Which is kinda messy. We each got a little carrot the other day, and the Boss devoured his. The Coyote took his, and dropped it. So the Boss swooped in and ate that one too. I chewed mine a bit and then quit. But no worries- the Boss ate mine too. I won’t go into details, but his P3 was dotted with orange chunks the next day. I think you get the picture.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in the doghouse a bit lately. I have this new game that I JUST started. It’s called “Fetch ‘n Hide.” The objective is to fetch the throw toys like I always do, but then after a couple of throws, grab the toy and hide under the bushes in front of the house. Hide where you cannot be seen. And stay very, very quiet. After the noise you initially make breaking branches to get in there. I’m lovin’ this new game. The Warden not so much. Because SOMETIMES I come racing out from my hiding place- but I leave the toy way under the bushes. And I pretend I don’t know where it is. The Boss refuses to go and get it because he doesn’t want sticks in his hair. And the Coyote, well he never fetches period. So that means the Warden has to get a rake to get under the bushes to get the toy. I don’t know what’s come over me lately. I feel this URGE to be naughty. The Warden is hoping it’s a phase. Although I did see her looking at bus schedules to New Jersey….

Speaking of Fall, I saw a dreaded Dollar Store bag the other day. The Coyote is already unhappy about the possible attire. The Boss, of course, thinks it’s great. Me – it depends. I’m in- as long as the treats are good. Really good. Last year’s photo was not too bad. We’ll see about this year…

Well, time to get ready for the weekend. Let the good times roll. But not in something stinky.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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