A special day

Howdy blogaroos! Me again! Because writing this gives me something to do. And because if I’m not busy doing something productive, I’ll just get into trouble. OK, who am I kidding? I get into trouble no matter what.

Anyway- do you know what DAY it is?! Besides Monday. And besides September 20. It’s our blogiversary!!! Yessiree. SEVEN years ago, Viktor was bored, and decided he should share his views on life with the world. My Enforcer did the typing for him and she remembers the first time she hit “post.” She figured no one except her immediate circle of friends and family would read about Viktor’s views. Because she paid them. It kinda began as a whim. Well here we are – 7 years later. We didn’t do an exact count, but given that we wrote daily for more than 5 years, and then every other day for more than 2 years, we’re talking probably more posts than there are bits of kibble in a medium sized dog food bag. Not that we actually counted the kibble. Like over 2000 kibble bits would be a lot to count. Mind you I could likely eat them in way less than 2000 seconds.

OK. Back to the blog. Seven years equals more than 3 dozen holiday photo shoots with Dollar Store attire. Heck and way more than 2000 photos overall!!

We’ve shared tragic losses (both human and canine), big wins (like dog shows), current dog news, tales of runaways and bunny chases, naughty stuff (like countersurfing), veterinary stories (like Frodo’s Orb Ordeal), wildlife encounters (including the walking pin cushions and the killer ducks ), product reviews, historical dog facts, the addition of new puppies (like me!), tales of torture (aka grooming), stories of traveling adventures and chapters about ordinary day to day living in our household. Which is far from ordinary.

We used to look at our stats, but stopped that a long time ago. So when people ask us about how many people read us, we didn’t have a clue! We do know most people read us on Facebook. The world outside Facebook (which apparently there is one) still hasn’t found us yet. But that’s OK. We do know we are read in over 20 countries – which we think is crazy! And we know it’s true – because My Enforcer has met people in other countries- who have become good friends- all because of our blog!!!

For those who have read us for a while, we thought we’d do a little quiz to see how well you know us. The first person who gets ALL the answers correct and who sends them to us in Messenger, will receive a special gift from us! Here we go!

1. What does FG stand for?

2. What was The Boss (Frodo) called previously?

3. Who is Pigpen?

4. Who failed the herding instinct test? Who passed?

5. What is P3?

6. What is olfactory art?

7. What was Paxton’s nickname?

8. What is picnore?

9. Viktor had a book of dog terms and definitions. What did he call the book?

10. What is the DFZ?

11. What four word sentence do most humans say when they discover we dogs have done something naughty?

12. What is reguritreat?

13. Who is THE best photo model?

14. Who is Ludwig?

15. Which is worse – antlers or rabbit ears from the Dollar Store? OK. That has no right answer . So it’s a bonus question.

We’ll provide the answers in a few days. If we can figure them out. Just jokin’. Send us your answers!

Sometimes we go back and read some old blogs. And get this – My Enforcer doesn’t even remember writing them! Uh oh. Mind you, with over 2000 posts we’ll cut her some slack.

So that’s my post for today. But before we sign off – we (I’m speaking for the other guys too – and My Enforcer) want to thank you for reading our stories, your comments, your sharing, and your friendship! We know that many of you look at our stories and think our house is a gong show. And we’re crazy. And you’re right!! We know we are often like a train wreck, that you can’t help but glance at. And you likely think “better her than me!” But we also hope we sometimes make you smile – because truth be told – that’s the main reason we do this. That’s our mission. Like the persistence of a PON searching for a treat that was dropped in the grass – we’ll keep at it! Thanks again.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “A special day

  1. Sorry can’t answer all questions but most of them. Just for your stats. I’m from NZ but read the blog in UK. Love you guys

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Congratulations! Seven years of anything is a real commitment — we love your stories and read the blog with our PON and Westies from Colorado, where we sometimes envy all of your water!


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