Classes. And wrestling

Howdy doody blogaroos! It’s Squirmy -stop-chewing-the-Picard Wormy here on a super Sunday.

I’ve had a busy weekend so far! I had my regular obedience class on Friday AND an extra remedial class on Saturday. Just jokin’. It wasn’t really remedial. It was a special workshop to learn how to pay attention and to heel. Our coach, Jane taught the class. She’s a very patient woman. Very , very patient. And boy – she knows how to make us work!

I’m here to tell you that although the air conditioning was on in the building, My Enforcer was still sweating!

She didn’t know HOW yours truly would react with a bunch of unfamiliar dogs so she loaded up with about two pounds of treats. The ever popular cheese strings, some beef lung, some jerky stuff, some kibble, some dried tenderloin- it was a treat buffet. She also brought along her latest tug toy purchase – but she didn’t use that much. The buffet was reward enough. My brain did explode a couple of times- I mean heck, this is still pretty new to me. But OVERALL, I was a good boy! Still, My Enforcer was glad she dressed light. We both learned LOTS.

Meanwhile, the Coyote and I are back at our Humpty Dumpty World Wrestling game. It begins right after breakfast while My Enforcer is eating HER breakfast. It had stopped for a few weeks, but we’re back at it. It begins with the Coyote emitting a high pitched annoying squeak. Which he will NOT stop – unless I agree to wrestle. So far we are 3 for 3 days in a row where somebody ends up in a crate. Last night we started up again, and the Coyote ended up being sequestered in the entrance hall. I was pretty tired after my afternoon of academia, and I really wanted to rest. But once the Coyote lets out the primal squeak, within 6 inches of my face, AND he pokes me with his nose, it’s game on. The Boss sometimes plays wrestle police and will stand and bark at us- telling us to stop. It’s usually at that point that My Enforcer steps in as referee and throws down the penalty flag. And somebody is taken out of the game.

One other thing about jail time…we all know that I can get out of a crate- unless it has carabiners. The Coyote doesn’t have my jail breaking skills. So when he is put in- he’s stuck. But the other day, yours truly got in trouble. I was caught, getting the Coyote out of the crate. My Enforcer had not put the carabiners on – because The Coyote doesn’t know how to open the latch. I was just helping him….

Not sure what’s on the agenda for today. Other than wrestling. But tomorrow, we’re having a party! Tomorrow is….well you’ll have to read our blog to find out!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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