Photo shoot

Howdy blogaroos! It’s Friday! And the start of the weekend!

I’m going to my regular obedience class today and I have ANOTHER class tomorrow! I’m going to be so smart. The Boss just rolled his eyes when I wrote that…

So I went on an adventure yesterday. For those who follow us on Facebook or Instagram @frodopon , you may have seen some of the photos My Enforcer has taken of me – which she calls “Where’s Wojtek?” Here’s an example taken yesterday morning – which was not posted…

I basically hide, and My Enforcer takes my photo. OK. Truth be told, she scouts out a location, gives me yummy treats, tells me to stay there, takes the photo and then gives me MORE yummy treats. It’s a pretty easy gig.

Anyway, some of you two leggeds seem to enjoy these photos, so My Enforcer thought she would take me on a little trip down the road to Peggy’s Cove. It’s a pretty famous tourist spot here in Nova Scotia. EVERYBODY goes to Peggy’s Cove if they visit here. It’s got a lighthouse. And lots of rocks. LOTS of rocks. So My Enforcer figured it would be a good place to take “Where’s Wojtek” photos.

It SEEMED like a good idea. BUT. She didn’t take into account several things…

1. New location overload. OK. So I’ve been to Peggy’s Cove before, but it’s been a while. PLUS they are doing MAJOR construction there- so there’s lots of heavy equipment moving about. Pair a stunned dog with the beep beep beep of construction vehicles, and well, it doesn’t make for an attentive photo model. In short, my brain exploded.

2. Tourists. Even though it was a Thursday, people still DO visit Peggy’s Cove. So although there are PLENTY of places for people to walk on the rocks, they somehow all gravitated to a woman attempting to take photos of her dog. Go figure.

3. My LOVE of rock climbing. This is no joke. Nova Scotia has lots of rocks. In random places. And because My Enforcer once took my photo on a rock, I now think it’s critical that I jump up on any rock I pass. On the chance I might get a treat. I’m NOT joking about this . Ask Wendy and Gena. They’ve been out with me for a walk – and they have seen me jump up on any random boulder. So. Pair a boulder loving canine with Peggy’s Cove and you have another brain explosion. I’m on leash, but I randomly jump up on boulders while My Enforcer is just trying to watch her own footing let alone where I’m going. I thought that part was fun. Her not so much.

She managed to get a few shots – you’ll have to check Facebook or Instagram in the coming days for a few of the photos. This shot didn’t turn out as planned, but you get the idea. When I say it didn’t turn out – it’s because it is super easy to see me.

We managed to snap this without any tourists. Trust me – they are all over just beyond those rocks. Plus some are coming my way – that’s what I’m looking at. You should have seen My Enforcer jumping over the rocks to get back to me before they came too close… I hope somebody got it on video…

We’re both enjoying this “Where’s Wojtek?” thing. I get treats, we practice my sit or down stays, and My Enforcer gets photos. And a headache. But that’s just a minor side effect.

OK. Time to soon rev up my engine for the day!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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