Serious and not serious news

Hey hey hey blogaroos. It’s Squirmy- don’t-bite-me- Wormy here on this super Saturday. But before I begin telling you about my latest exploits, I need to start off on a more serious note…

Today is September 11, and it’s a day that is sadly etched in the minds of many humans. A day of senseless loss. A day that changed the way the world looks at travel. A day that changed the way the world looks at security. A day that sadly changed the way humans sometimes look at one another…

In the aftermath of 911, countless heroes emerged. And in case you didn’t know – many of those heroes were canine. This article pays tribute to some of those canines – so I felt it was important to share it here:

Those dogs were TRUE heroes. Just look at the jobs that they did…

Phew. How do I follow that? I’m no doggie hero. I just have to resort to being comic relief. And I guess that’s important too. In a different way….Sometimes humans just need to smile….

So let’s see if I can do that….

On Thursday I went to a “practice” training session with a few of my buds: Jerome, my Boston Terrier friend, better known as J Rome and Chloe and Chievie , my Borzoi girlfriends. Chloe is a bit nervous around me- she’s probably read this blog. Chievie, on the other paw, thinks I’m cool. So. IMAGINE what happened when Chievie and I were let loose when our training session was over?! First off, J Rome had to be lifted up for his own protection. And then, all heck broke loose. Ever see a herding dog try to herd a sight hound?! We’re talking Wild Kingdom material. I went crazy chasing her. And ummmm… she’s faster than me. My Enforcer immediately regretted letting me loose as she figured she would never catch me. That fear was a BIT unfounded as we WERE indoors. Holy moly she is fast. Chievie. Not My Enforcer. I mean really REALLY fast. I was out of breath in seconds. I’m clearly out of shape. I take after my human. Oops. Did I actually say that?! No extra biscuits for me today.

Had my obedience class yesterday. I behave like the lights on a turn signal- intermittently. When we did a recall, I ran toward My Enforcer and then veered left. I thought I smelled a treat on the ground. Then when she went to put my leash back on, I threw myself on the ground and rolled with my legs flailing in the air. Nobody else did that. I do freestyle obedience. I’m hoping they will catch on and join me. My Enforcer just gave me “the look.”

For those wondering about my peeing “brother” – he has not left any more marks indoors. And he seems fine. My Enforcer thinks it was a senior brain fart. She has them too. But she doesn’t pee on the carpet in the hall.

We have nice weather in the forecast this weekend, so I’m hoping for some extra long walks and maybe a car ride. My Enforcer will drive. In case you’re wondering.

Almost time for my morning freestyle leash walking. Good thing obedience judges don’t actually see how you act in the “real” world. I wouldn’t have a prayer of EVER getting a ribbon.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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