Superstitions. And a new dog….

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy put-that-down Wormy here on a marvelous Monday. We had super duper weather this weekend, so we got lots of good walks. Which of course, means photos. Honestly, can My Enforcer ever resist the urge to take photos of us? We’re on a walk and BINGO- she says “ooooooo, look at that.” And she makes us pose. Mind you, she does carry the extra good treats for modeling shots. So the pay is good.

Today according to the crazy calendar is something called “Defy Superstition Day.” So I guess you go walk under ladders, step on cracks in the sidewalk, smash some mirrors and open some umbrellas in the house. It’s all kinda weird if you ask me.

There are superstitions involving dogs – and here’s an article about how they might have started:

If the one about barking at nothing is a sign of ghosts, our house is totally haunted. Because the Coyote barks at nothing. Mind you, we THOUGHT he was barking at nothing, and then realized he finally noticed the goose. So realistically, he could see a fur ball rolling along, and that could set off his bark meter. So I’m not so sure we’re haunted.

Now the poop one is a BIT troubling because My Enforcer had poop on her right shoe the other day. And she didn’t notice. So she tracked it onto the welcome mat outside the front door. Nice welcome. So that was bad luck. For the welcome mat. I’ll see if I can strategically poop so she steps in it with her left foot. And we’ll watch for the good luck. That’s just silly. There’s nothing good about stepping in poop. I don’t t believe that one at all.

What else is new? Oh yeah. We got a new dog in our house. Settle down, before you all start sending congratulations. He’s an old dog. Actually he’s an old dog painting. To join all the other old dog paintings we have. My Enforcer saw him in a second hand store. And he cost way less than a bag of dog treats. So she couldn’t leave him there all by himself. So she adopted him. If anybody knows who this terrier is, who is named Toby, let My Enforcer know. Was he a famous Toby? An infamous Toby? I was fine with her bringing this new dog into the house. Because he doesn’t eat anything. And he won’t take my toys. Yes….I like my stuff….

My Enforcer told me she might take me on an adventure this week. I’m not sure where. She said she has an “idea.” Which probably involves more craft supplies. But what that has to do with me, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get to go to the craft store. Yawn. I’ll keep you posted.

Almost time to walk and roll!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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