Howdy blogaroos. I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday and I hope your long weekend was not laborious. Get it? I’m soooo funny.

So according to the crazy calendar, today is something called Google Commemoration Day. Not Google’s birthday. It’s Commemoration Day. I don’t know why. Google the answer if you care.

Anyway, back in 2017, (before my time), Viktor wrote a blog all about this day. And he googled a bunch of things to see how many results he could get. Now the results are based on how many times key words appear in the database. So it’s kind of a moving target and it changes frequently. But we were still curious to look at some specific words again. Like Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Viktor got 537,000 search results back in his day. Today? 7,250,000 results!!!!! PONs are becoming popular. Or one might think. There’s more sites that mention us anyway. That being said, Picards beat us again, with 3,140,000 results in 2017 and 8,870,000 today. We’re catching up.

Now on a different angle, what dog breed do you think was googled most often in the past year in the US? PON! No I’m kidding. The BULLDOG! And here’s a summary of most googled breeds by state:

Now keep in mind that doesn’t mean Bulldogs are the most popular breed in the US. That title has gone to Labrador Retrievers based on registration numbers – for quite a few years now. What it means is that people are googling Bulldog most often. They may not even like them. But they look them up.

You have to be careful with articles and studies and claims you find in your googling. Not ALL sites have reliable or credible information. I know that’s hard to believe.

We did go back to also look at the number of results for “best dog products.” Of course, the number of search results for all terms increased. But the order of results from the least number of results to most results changed a bit. Here was 2017:

Best Dog Leash with 5,200,000 results
Best Dog Treats – 7,020,000 results
Best Dog Grooming Tools – 7,860,000 results
Best Dog Toy – 10,700,000 results
Best Dog Bed – 50,100,000 results
Best Dog Food – 105,000,000 results
Best Dog Car – 153,000,000 results

Today’s results:

Best Dog Grooming Tools-102,000,000
Best Dog Leash – 185,000,000
Best Dog Treats- 332,000,000
Best Dog Toy – 904,000,000
Best Dog Bed – 1,4000,000
Best Dog Car – 1,740,000,000
Best Dog Food – 2,440,000,000

So what’s the take away in this information?? Nothing really. Just a bunch of numbers that change and have probably changed again since you started reading this. The Boss said this information is proof that prayers work. Grooming tools had the lowest number of results this time. I pointed out that there were STILL 102 MILLION results. But he said that there are lots more results for FOOD – as it should be! And food results topped the product list, beating out cars this time. Frankly, we dogs don’t really care what vehicle we’re in.

Hey. Speaking of the Boss – he got in trouble again! Well not BAD trouble. But he got to hear the ominous “what did you do” line.

I was out for my morning walk and we ran into Pigpen and his human. While I was busy sniffing his privates, his human asked if I had been counter surfing lately. My Enforcer said that I’m not the worst surfer – that title is held by the Boss. Well. Almost as if on cue, when we came home, we found this scene:

He claimed he was just checking the flyers for sales on dog food. He’s quick. But he should have just googled it.

OK. Gotta walk.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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