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Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy the weather dog Wormy here. OK. So maybe my newspaper debut IS going to my head. The Boss reminded me that HE has been a weather dog for YEARS. If you open the door, and he won’t go out, it’s raining. Funny. Yawn.

Not a whole lot new here. The Boss was groomed for like the first time in weeks. It’s been so hot, there was no way My Enforcer could take him into the Grooming Torture Palace aka garage because they both would have passed out from the heat. And they couldn’t do it at night – it was still too warm, and if they opened the garage door, they would have been host to a variety of flying insects. So yesterday was a cooler day, and right after breakfast, My Enforcer announced it was “time.” The Boss quickly figured out what was about to happen, so he bolted for the deck. My Enforcer had to go and get a leash and had to lasso him to get him to come into the garage. I won’t belabor a description of the agony that went on. Needless to say, after several weeks without a good brushing, the gnarlies had started forming – especially in unmentionable spots. I was in the kennel in the garage, so I got to witness the whole ordeal. I think I have PTGW. Post traumatic grooming witness. I don’t know who I was more worried about having a cardiac arrest- the Boss or My Enforcer. It was a full on wrestling match for about 2 hours. The good news, everyone survived.

Oh I know what’s new! I got booted out of my Rally class for bad behavior. JUST JOKIN. I have actually started a new class. I’m not sure of the name – but it’s for dogs who want to compete in obedience. Picture that. Me. In a formal obedience class. I went for my first session the other day – and I was a bit like a deer in headlights. I mean I KNEW the dogs in my rally class – and now I was put in a class with all new faces. There was a Weimaraner, an Australian Shepherd, a Border Collie and a huge, massive, gigantic Leonberger. I bet she eats a bag of dog food a day. Maybe two bags.

Although I was a bit shell shocked, My Enforcer had cut up cheese strings into bite-sized morsels – so I DID pay attention to her some of the time. She cut up about 300 pieces, but within minutes realized the stash would run out. So she started breaking them in two. Treats under human nails are a regular part of dog training. We won’t even mention the bits in pockets. That goes without saying. If My Enforcer was murdered, and forensics examined her nails, they would assume she was killed by a hotdog. Or cheddar cheese.

OK. Almost time for walkies. Have a super Sunday!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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