Hey blogaroos! Squirmy Nippy Wormy here on a marvelous Monday. We hope your week is starting off terrifically!!!

We had a good weekend because hip hip hurray – the temperatures have gone down so we can actually enjoy being outside again. The Coyote and I chose to celebrate by digging a massive hole in the middle of the back lawn. I overheard My Enforcer telling a friend that if she goes missing, check the backyard. She’s so funny.

What else? Oh- I know – my latest escapade. So the other evening before total sundown, My Enforcer took me and the Boss for a run down to the lake. She had SUPER yummy treats (liver snacks) so I wouldn’t be tempted to stray too far. The Boss wouldn’t even leave her side. Anyway, I was still racing through the woods, running ahead on the trail, racing in the trees , racing back when called- basically doing my best hummingbird on too much nectar routine. At one point I was off dodging at full speed between trees, over logs and under branches when My Enforcer called. I raced out of the woods onto the trail and ran full force into the Boss. Major collision. He yelled – pushed me off him and immediately laid down like he was mortally injured. My Enforcer was shocked and immediately thought he had a leg injury – because I kinda swept him off his feet. She bent over to help him, not even thinking about the wad of liver treats in her hand. One sniff of that and the drama king jumped right up- and miraculously, he was healed. He just glared at me as he munched on the liver treats as he trotted down the trail. He’s such a faker. Oh I know- be more careful. But really – I didn’t do it on purpose!

That Boss is a HUGE creature of habit – and although they say elephants never forget, whoever coined the phrase had never met a PON. For example, on his morning walk, he EXPECTS treats at various points on the route. And he’ll keep staring at My Enforcer if she doesn’t give him one. I’m sure if someone watched the two of them, they would be fascinated to hear the conversation if she runs of of treats… “I’m sorry, that was the last one. Move along. I don’t have any more. Really. I’m out. I’ll give you one at home. Move along. NO. I’m not kidding. I don’t HAVE any. I’m all OUT. MOVE ALONG. Stop staring at me. I’m not joking. LOOK- here’s my empty pocket!!!”

About two weeks ago, she made the supreme mistake of giving all of us a bit of toast from her breakfast. So now, the Boss quickly devours the contents of his Kong and then sits and stares at her while she’s eating breakfast. Even if she’s not having toast. He’s one persistent vacuum.

OK. Time for my morning walk. I hope you all have a marvelous day! And I’ll TRY to be good…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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