Night circus

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here on this, the 1st day of September. No doubt humans will exclaim today “Can you BELIEVE it is already September?!” As if they expected that additional days would somehow be added to the August calendar. I believe they say that all the time. Whenever the calendar page changes. It’s rather predictable. How wonderful to be a dog, totally oblivious to the calendar. Yes. We are a very lucky species.

Well Her Highness decided, for some God forsaken reason, to attempt to allow the Imp to sleep outside his crate the other night. Obviously a moment of weakness. Or insanity. This had been attempted previously- and was unsuccessful. That being said, the first night actually went surprisingly well. I believe he was in shock. So he settled down and went immediately to sleep. Yes, he did awaken her at 5:45 the next morning by licking her face, but all in all a restful night.

However…the next night was…how would the Imp describe it? Ah yes. I believe he would use the descriptive term- “gong show.”

He was at first put in his crate while Her Highness brushed her teeth. When she returned from the bathroom, she took the carabiner off his crate, and released him from his bondage. But instead of sleepily emerging from his prison, he burst out like an inmate given parole after 50 years. He immediately jumped on the bed, as Her Highness went to turn out the light. Did he settle down? Of course not. It began with an attempt to bite Her Highness’s legs through the duvet. When she said “stop it” he stopped and sat on her legs. Staring at her. Then he flung himself on the mattress. Rolling with his feet in the air. I had initially been on the bed, but got off when the circus act began. After rolling, he then went to bury his head under the pillows. Her Highness said “settle down.” She might as well have said “abracadabra” because he didn’t care one BIT about settling. He jumped off the bed, sniffed his way around the bedroom and jumped back on the bed. Again he began rolling. Feet flailing. Her Highness was half annoyed but also kept giggling because he WAS rather comical. Again she said “settle” and now he attempted to bite her butt through the duvet. Then he would sit and stare – with his wild Einstein hair standing on end. The rolling, biting and staring went on for about 20 minutes. When he began to attempt to fling pillows, his parole quickly ended. Thank heavens. I feared I would get no rest if he remained free.

On a more serious note, today is the birthday of the composer Johann Pachebel. He is probably best known for his Pachebel Canon, which around the 1980’s became a popular wedding anthem. You no doubt know it, but should you be uncertain, here it is. Sung by a Golden Retriever. I believe he made up the words.

I don’t believe he won the competition. Personally I think it was related to the words.

Well it will soon be time for my morning constitutional. My few moments of freedom from the whirlwind. Will he EVER grow up?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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