Random thoughts

Yo. Blog readers. Elroy here. Hanging loose on the weekend. Mind you, I always hang loose. Unless the front door is left open.

So just some random thoughts and observations here…

Frozen blueberries rock. Yup. I’m back into eating blueberries again with the Mops. I was on a blueberry fast for a few months. Didn’t like them AT ALL. But in the past few weeks I’ve decided they are good. Her Highness basically takes them out of the freezer, rinses them and doles them out like candy at Halloween. I kinda like the hard cold texture – like mini marbles that taste sweet. Not that I’ve ever eaten real marbles. Though Her Highness often accuses me of having lost them.

So did you ever notice that as we canines get older, that humans develop significant canine-observational- paranoia (COP for short)? Like take the Boss. He’s 11 years and 7 months old – and if the dude sneezes, she goes into a frenzy. See we KNOW he has a cardiac problem that was diagnosed in July 2019. The 10th to be exact because she went back and read through 100 blog posts to find the date. And he’s on meds for his heart. Does he have any symptoms? No. He didn’t have any to begin with. He has as much energy as ever. Barks like he always does. Eats, pees and poops like normal. Except for that issue with the cling on and the dog sitter. But seriously, the guy acts normal. Yeah he’s been panting more in the past few days. But given that we’re having a heat wave, and we are ALL panting, he’s not doing anything differently. Problem is, when she saw the cardiologist in 2019, and he said the Boss should easily “make it to 12”, Her Highness breathed a sigh of relief. But hello. He’ll be 12 in January. So you know what that means. Full on COP. Which is CRAZY because nobody knows for SURE how much time anybody has. And really, given that he has no symptoms- her COP is a bit unfounded. So IMAGINE the total COP frenzy when the Boss started limping the other day. She was certain this was a disaster. Like limping is suddenly a symptom of cardiac problems. Not. Anyway, the dude had been licking his foot. Who knows why. It’s his thing. He does it sometimes. Anyway, he must have licked too much, making it sore. Remember, the dude is a drama king. Just trying to look at his foot was torture, and trimming the hair on his foot was like he was undergoing an amputation. All this to say that two days later he was trotting along COMPLETELY and TOTALLY normally. So the COP meter went down. A bit. Honestly, if he drinks water too quickly and coughs, she stares at him. In fact, she counts how many times in a day that he coughs. The grand total was zero yesterday. Average is twice a day. Usually after gulping down his food like a vacuum cleaner. She stares at the color of his tongue. It’s pink, by the way. The same color pink as mine and the Imp’s.

I get it. Yeah. Yeah. She’s concerned about him. She worries about him. She cares about him. It’s a human-dog thing. And it’s good to be aware. But seriously. She could make a guy paranoid himself. Ya know, if they didn’t find the heart murmur incidentally during removal of a cyst, we wouldn’t even KNOW he has a problem. She needs to chill a bit. Which is hard in this heat. I think she needs a hobby. Making blueberry biscuits seems like a good way to redirect her energy…

Lastly, she’s been letting the Imp FREE (out of his crate) when she goes out now. AND – she has been letting us free downstairs when she is gone, because it’s cooler down there. Usually we are blocked upstairs. Anyway, first day she went out for an hour, she returned to a rec room littered with throw pillows from the sofa and loveseat. We had a bit of a party, and the Imp really likes throwing those things around. She put the pillows away. But she forgot the blanket on the sofa. Next time she went out and returned, he was proudly mopping the floor with it. All in all though, no major damage. At least none that she has noticed. Maybe the pony sized crate in the dining room can finally be disassembled. Maybe.

Those are my thoughts. Now I’m done.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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