National Dog Day

Hey hey hey blogaroos- it’s Squirmy nippy Wormy here. Writing from HOT Nova Scotia. And I mean HOT. Like it’s 31 Celsius but it feels like 40! That the high 80s and over 100 for my Fahrenheit friends. We hardly moved yesterday. My Enforcer took me out at 6:30AM and by the time I got home 50 minutes later, it was too hot to walk the other guys any distance at all. Phew.

Well today is a super special day – it’s National Dog Day. My Enforcer burst out laughing – she said EVERY SINGLE DAY in this household is Dog Day. We rule. Really. We do.

Anyway, to celebrate this marked occasion, maybe you want to play canine trivia with your friends and family. Here are 100 questions to get you going:

We aced the easy questions and actually didn’t do all that badly on the difficult ones. My Enforcer is a bit of a canine trivia geek. And why not? What else could she be interested in?!

That being said, she took this next one and only got 83%. The next time she took it she got 100%. I believe that’s called cheating. She said she was just testing her memory.

She didn’t know the one about the ancient dog. Now she does. Those guys were weird looking things. They liked to bite things – they were hyena-like bone crushing dogs. Explains my nipping behavior.

Today I have a practice training session with my friends, a Borzoi and a Boston. We go to a special place to practice our rally moves. It’s good for us because there are “distractions” which we all need apparently . Personally, I like the treats. And the air conditioning.

OK. Gotta go for my walk before it gets like the Sahara.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. And cool.

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