Hey Buddy!

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy whatever-your-name-is Wormy here for your semi-daily glimpse into the world of canine insanity. Well. Our insanity.

Actually, we’ve all been pretty well behaved. If you rule out the Coyote’s obsession with playing Humpty Dumpty and his current morning hunger strike. He has decided he does not DO breakfast for about 2 weeks now. Possibly because My Enforcer bought the COD variety of his food instead of the lamb variety. So he’s refusing to eat it. You can’t tell him it costs the same or that he liked it before. He just won’t eat it. But biscuits and treats are still approved – so he gobbles them down. And he’ll eat it at supper time. I just don’t get him sometimes.

But back to names. So sometimes, I am called a variety of names. Frodo. Elroy. Viktor. Squirmy. Squirm. Tek. Fro-El -Wojtek. El-Fro-Wojtek. Sometimes I am called Viktor. I’ve even heard My Enforcer say “whatever your name is”.

But there is one name I am consistently called. Buddy. Yes- you read that correctly. And the name Buddy is an extremely popular dog name. It appears in several lists of popular dog names…Here it is #11.


It appears on this list as well…


Now it doesn’t appear in the list of unusual dog names – but Frodo does.


In all the various lists I didn’t find an Elroy. OR a Wojtek. Now those are unique names.

So where does Buddy come from? I think Viktor might have talked about it a long time ago – but it’s all new to me. Here in Nova Scotia, everybody is a Buddy. Really. Humans say things like “Buddy delivered my pizza right on time”. Or “Buddy sped past me on the highway.” Or “Buddy didn’t have his dog on a leash.” Or “Did you see the article about Buddy who won the lottery?” Yes. Buddy is a name that’s used a LOT. And I realized finally the other day that I’m a Buddy too. Like when we’re walking down the trail and the deer flies are eating My Enforcer alive, she’ll say “Come on Buddy we have to move it.” At first I looked around to see who the mystery dog was. And then I realized Buddy was me!

I’m not called Buddy in things like a recall. Then my given name is used. My given name is also used when I’m doing something…naughty. Like “Wojtek stop counter surfing.” Or “Wojtek drop it!!!”

But I am frequently called Buddy out on a walk. It’s my alter-ego walking name. “Slow down Buddy.” “Speed it up Buddy.” Buddy seems to be associated with walking rate around here.

I think the other guys are called Buddy too when out on walks. No wonder we’re all confused around here. And our behavior is so unpredictable. We don’t know who she is talking to!

Suuuuuure. That’s the reason. At least that’s my excuse. Everybody is Buddy.

What do you think, Buddy – pretty good excuse, eh?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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