Swamp dog

Howdy doody blogaroos. Another wonderful Wednesday coming to you from Captain Chaos.

So this past weekend, My Enforcer posted some “Where’s Wojtek” photos. And you see one of the photos above. There were others – and they make me look like I’m sitting in a swamp. Spoiler alert. There was a grassy patch above the water where I was sitting. Safe and dry. Here’s another one.

So you can’t believe everything you see in social media. Really. You can’t. I know it’s hard to believe – but it’s true.

Anyway, yesterday morning, we met up with Pigpen again and his human. We decided to walk on the trail and on part of the golf course.

That guy is interesting. You know those green swampy patches on the side of a trail? The kind where water stands? And tall weeds grow? Well. Like he went in every one. Stinky. Gross. Stagnant water. He didn’t care. His human had to put him on a leash to keep him out. Meanwhile, yours truly was still on a leash because My Enforcer didn’t want me following him into the quagmire. Anyway, we got up to the course, and both humans decided it was safe to let us run. I’m used to running and chasing the Coyote, whose hair I can hold onto. Not so easy with a Lab. So as we approached the first big pond on the course, Pigpen made a beeline for the water. I think to escape me. He raced through some bulrushes along the water’s edge and dove in. At least I think they are bulrushes. Maybe they’re cattails. I’m no botanist. But back to my story. So I’m chasing him. And unfortunately, yours truly didn’t realize that the bulrushes were actually IN water. My Enforcer watched with shock as I hit the bulrushes and was quickly up to my neck in water.

Holy moly was I surprised ! I think I did a 180 in the air and jumped back on the land. I shook myself off and watched my buddy swim away. His human had a hard time getting him out of the water. Mostly because he loves it and partly because I think he was avoiding me.

Once we got past the pond, we were able to play again. We both spotted a bunny and yours truly did a “Viktor” – chasing the dude into the woods. But big difference- I came back when called. Pigpen wasn’t as interested in the bunny. He was busy looking for water.

Yours truly needed a rinsing and a half blow dry when we got home. She had to walk the other guys, so I didn’t get the full spa treatment. I have a feeling it’s coming…

One of these days My Enforcer is going to take me and the Coyote down to the lake and she’ll see if he can teach me to swim. The only reason she hadn’t done it yet is because she doesn’t relish the thought of drying two of us. No worries about it being three of us – the Boss won’t walk through dewy grass – so no chance he would join us. I actually do think I’d like to try… we’ll see….plus we have no bulrushes as water’s edge -so I’ll know what to expect!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Swamp dog

  1. Looks like Pigpen is an avid swimmer. If Squirmy meets up with Pigpen more often, Squirmy may even learn some swimming skills from Pigpen. By the way, is Squirmy in the second pic?


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