Weekend recap

Happy Monday blogaroos! Squirmy what-are-you-doing-nowWormy here for your daily dose of giggles.

So what badness did we get into this weekend…

First off – no classes. There were some trials this weekend- and as I understand it, some suspects fared well. One of my many girlfriends, my Borzoi, got her PCD. Which is a step before a Novice Obedience title. I only like smart girls – so it’s no wonder she got it. Big congrats to her and her human. I’m not ready for PCD. Or anything else quite yet. You’re not allowed to ricochet off the judge, so I’ve still got some learning to do…make that LOTS of learning.

So no lessons and it was a warm weekend. Not overly crazy hot like some places, but the humidity was high, so we were all panting. My Enforcer told us to go downstairs where it is cooler. But, um, while she was upstairs vacuuming, she glanced down to the landing and saw a pillow just sitting there. Yours truly was doing some decorating. She came down and found all the throw pillows from the sofa and love seat scattered everywhere. Busted. As she went to pick them up, yours truly grabbed one and attempted to take it outside. But the door wasn’t open quite wide enough, so I got caught. Darn.

After she finished vacuuming upstairs she came down to look up something on her new phone. So she let me and the Coyote outside. The Boss didn’t want to go out – the grass was still dewy. Well. She sat down for 5.8 minutes when yours truly raced into the house . With the Coyote in hot pursuit. We were both soaking wet from rolling on the wet lawn- AND we were both covered (and I mean covered) in sticks and leaves. My Enforcer groaned as we both promptly shook ourselves off, littering the floor in leaf bits and sticks. It looked like a hurricane had blown through the house. She made some kind of weird primal scream/groan and went upstairs to get the vacuum. Of course we followed her, leaving a leaf trail on each step. Good thing we’re cute.

Oh. Plus I got a brushing this weekend and ooooo-eeeee My Enforcer was not impressed. You see, when the Coyote isn’t doing the Humpty routine, he is either licking my head, OR horror of horrors, chewing my legs. Yup. One leg has some creative teeth sculpting. Plus. The Coyote has an uneven mustache. With one side of his face being longer than the other side. That’s my teethiwork. And it’s not like we’re ever left alone together for more than a few minutes! But we work quickly.

What else? Oh! Today is Stick out your Tongue Day. Don’t ask me why. I don’t make these things up, I just report on them.

Anyway, it seems I have perfected the art of sticking out my tongue. My Enforcer went through like a gazillion photos and found these. And she didn’t find ONE that the stuffed dog did, nor did the unhappy Coyote produce more than one or two tongue outs. Probably because his jaw is clenched in disdain talking photos in the first place so his tongue doesn’t go out. Anyway, enjoy my shots!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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