A jail break

Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here. With another episode NS Wild Kingdom.

So what’s new here? Well, praise the heavens, My Enforcer’s new phone came in. The old one went from damaged to not working quite right to totally whacky. When she got the new one in the mailbox, she was as happy as she is with three deposits of P3. It was a joyous day. We tried very hard to help her set up the new phone, but she insisted on doing it herself.

We didn’t do a whole lot the past few days. The weather was sunny one minute and rainy and foggy the next. My Enforcer had to drag the Boss out – he’s not into damp conditions. Even fog makes for dewy grass and he hates dewy feet.

So to entertain ourselves, the Coyote and I continued our Humpty Dumpty antics. Which I mentioned the other day. And I also talked about how when we get a bit out of control, one of us is put in solitary confinement aka a crate. If I’m the designated prisoner, My Enforcer puts me in and adds two carabiners to make sure I don’t escape. If the Coyote is the designated prisoner, she just latches the crate door like most people do for most normal dogs. And the Coyote is pretty normal. At least when it comes to crates. He doesn’t even TRY to escape. So locking him up seemed simple….

However…..My Enforcer underestimated the Coyote’s partner in crime. Which would be me. On three occasions now, when the Coyote has been imprisoned, if the guard leaves the room, she comes back and finds the prisoner released. Yup. I let him out. Seriously, the guy would just sit in there whining, so yours truly pushes up the latches, and let’s him out. Cool or what?

Well. It WAS cool. But now she puts the carabiners on the crate when he’s in it too. Spoil sport.

So not much exciting new here. But oh, oh here’s a cool story from Nova Scotia that I’d like to share. Everybody can use a good news story now and then. So check this one out…


The world could use more guys like this. Well, maybe we don’t need more – we just need to look for them. They’re out there….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “A jail break

  1. What a clever and helpful 😅 Squirmy pooch you have! I really enjoy reading about your pup adventures. Special thanks for the good news story today


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