A Broken phone, a painted deck and Humpty Dumpty

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here. But I’m having trouble writing this blog. Because I usually write it on My Enforcer’s iPhone. But guess what?! She smashed it. Not on purpose. She dropped it outside and kaboom. The screen is broken in a gazillion pieces. Plus there are two weird lines running through the display. So like it’s a mess.

And it wasn’t my fault. For a change. She was walking in the house and oopsie, she dropped it on the patio outside. The stone patio. It landed upside down, so she was hoping it might be OK. But when she turned it over, we’ll she groaned. Kind of like when she goes to brush the Boss and she finds all the mats I have created around his head from licking him.

So a phone had to be ordered. She told me she was selling one of us to pay for it. She was just kidding. I think…..

Meanwhile, she decided to paint the infamous deck the other day. She needed 48 hours without rain, so she looked at the forecast and did it the day before yesterday. Try to explain to 3 dogs that we can’t go out on the deck. Which we do every day. She created a massive barricade so we couldn’t get out there, but also so that she could leave the screen open so we wouldn’t die of heat stroke. Every time she went back into the garage, I tried to get out on the deck to inspect her work. And I was sure interested in that paint brush, which she held over her head to keep me from grabbing it. That’s possibly how she got paint in her hair…

What else…..oh I know. The neighbors went away for a few days so she was helping to water their garden while they were gone. But yesterday, she did it BEFORE she fed us breakfast. BAD move. The Boss shouted out that she needed to return. Immediately. And when she didn’t come back, he kept shouting. Continually. And louder and louder. But suddenly, we heard this voice. This tiny voice of My Enforcer saying “BE quiet. BE QUIET!” And The Boss stopped his barking to see where she was. The thing is, she was talking over Big Brother, this webcam thingy we have. As soon as the Boss would run toward the camera – to see where her voice was coming from, he stopped barking. But then he would run away and start again. And she would yell at him. And he would stop. And…you get the picture. He finally caught on that she she wasn’t really anywhere close by, so he just kept on barking. I was still puzzled as to how she was throwing her voice.

Oh plus the Coyote and I are back into our Humpty Dumpty routine. Well – he’s more Humpty and I end up being Dumpty. Although sometimes roles do reverse. But I’m not quite as enthusiastic as he is. When we get totally out of control, My Enforcer breaks us up. A little wrestling, rolling, chasing, and chewing is fine. Even a little Humpty is OK. But when it becomes like an X rated movie, it’s game over. And somebody ends up in a crate. She’s afraid one or both of us will have heat stroke. She worries too much.

So that’s our news today!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “A Broken phone, a painted deck and Humpty Dumpty

  1. Huge bummer to read about the iPhone. Glad you still managed to still post your blog though. I as well as thousands of people look forward to whatever adventures or misadventures you and your cohorts in crime write about! Today is no exception! 😂


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