An old friend

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy -no stop- Wormy here on a terrific Tuesday.

So. Yesterday morning, My Enforcer and I went on our morning constitutional. We started heading toward the golf course because it was early – and My Enforcer talked to the golf course grounds guy the other day, and she found out that they didn’t spray any Chernobyl stuff on the course this year. Just the greens. And we never walk on the greens anyway – we stick to the paths. So My Enforcer thought we could do part of the course before the golfers arrived.

Anyway as we started walking, My Enforcer heard her name being called. She looked around and there on the road coming behind us was Pigpen and his human. Better known as Jackson the Lab. Now I met him once, but that’s when I was just a little guy. So when he came running toward me, I didn’t know WHAT to think! At first I thought I needed to protect my human. Who am I kidding?!I wanted to protect myself. But when I saw that My Enforcer was all happy to see him, I figured he was safe. And no danger. To either of us.

Anyway, we ended up walking on the course with them. His human was cool. She had treats in her pocket- so I immediately liked her.

Pigpen was off leash most of the time and boy oh boy, he sure likes water! He raced to every single pond and went for a swim. I was amazed. I just stood and watched him like people looking for whales on a whale watching tour. It was crazy how much he liked the water. Clean water and swampy water. Didn’t matter to him. My Enforcer let me off leash for a bit, but I had no interest in taking the plunge. But I still managed to get completely drenched just running around with him. He looks the same all wet. Me not so much.

We had a good run and walk, and I was happy to see him again. We’ll have to book another pee time. That’s my attempt at being funny. Get it? A walk on a golf course? Not tee time but pee time. I thing I’m going to be a comedian when I grow up. Mind you, I already am!

Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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