Pet photos

Hey hey hey. It’s a Squirmy Sunday! And guess what day it is on the Crazy Calendar? Why it’s something called All American Pet Photo Day. A day to take a photo of your pet and share it with the inter-world. Well hello? Just about EVERY day is pet photo day in our crazy household. You never know WHEN My Enforcer will whip out that phone and capture us for all the world to see.

Now if you’ve been a regular blog reader, you know that besides the gazillion shots she takes on any ordinary day, the most “fun” shots are what we call the “holiday trio” shots. That’s when she brings out the crappy Dollar Store attire, the SUPER good treats, and usually takes us into the “studio” aka garage for a session. As usual, the Coyote is always the least enthused. And the Boss sits like a stuffed animal. And you get to see the best of 467 shots taken. So let’s look at the best holiday trio photos this past year. Along with the photos that did not make the cut. Some of these bloopers you may have seen. And others (I think) are being revealed for the first time. Enjoy!

Two of us taking a break. But there’s always a keener in the group.
Two of us prefer profile shots.
Two of us weren’t ready. Or maybe we were.
Tongue out.
I think we saw a fur ball. Or a spider. Or she put the treats on the ground.
Here the Coyote is praying for this to be over. And I’m not helping.
I think he wanted to be photoshopped out.
I’m bored

OK. The outdoor Christmas shots were not too bad. But all heck broke loose with the indoor shots. We got one with garland, but no antler or hat shots made it to a final product. You’ll see why…

Two on strike
Antlers off
She put them back on. We couldn’t believe it.
The Coyote refused to look at her.
She thought getting us to sit might make it better. Not entirely.
I’m this series, I was out of control.
Look at the Coyote. He’s sending out a look that says “please save me”. Someone call Animal Control.
I’m acting out but he’s ignoring me.
He knows he is doomed. I got the thing off so this is going to take even longer.
Lean to the right.
Bow ties are slightly less embarrassing than head gear.
Please. Someone be here!!!
The total gong show. Ears are as bad as antlers.
The Coyote looks like he could cry. In every shot.
It’s looking like the Boss’ ears are creeping forward. No worries. He doesn’t care.
Uh oh. Ears down.
For some reason, the Coyote didn’t totally hate the bow. Go figure. I’ve got tongue out.
He’s not smiling. But almost smirking….

So that’s our trio year in review. Note who looks good in almost every single shot….And please don’t worry about the sad looking Coyote. He did enjoy the treats, and boy he’s one happy guy when it’s over. And despite the fact that lots of photos are taken, the whole session usually lasts less than 10 minutes. That’s all My Enforcer’s blood pressure can take!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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